Home improvement trends in Ontario, CA

Do you want to improve and remodel your home in Ontario? Or you are moving there, so you need to know everything about the housing market, stats, and trends. To gather all info about home improvement trends in Ontario, you should research a lot. If you are buying a home there, hire a local real estate agent you can trust.

If you are not from Ontario (or generally Canada), the first step to do is to research moving companies- especially, if it is a long-distance move. After finding residential movers in Ontario, start to research real estate, homes, real estate trends, construction companies, etc.

Moving to Ontario

Ontario is one of the first choices for newcomers. The capital of Canada, Ottawa, is located here as well as other big cities such as Toronto, Hamilton, and Oakville. If you are moving to Canada, it is a big step to take and there are a lot of things to finish. Before and after moving too. By hiring a professional moving company, specialized in long-distance relocations, you will move stress-free. For moving to Ontario, choose Number 1 Movers Hamilton and transport all your household items into your new home.

A view of Toronto.
Ontario has many beautiful cities with amazing buildings and architecture

Choosing Hamilton as your new home city

Many people choose to move to Hamilton, Ontario. Why you need to consider moving to Hamilton and what this city can offer to its residents? What you should know?

  • The population of Hamilton is about 540,000 and about 4,500 of them are from the USA.
  • Some of the best neighborhoods to consider are Dundas, Durand, Kirkendall.
  • Buying or renting a home here is affordable, compared to prices in cities around Hamilton. The average home price is $320,000 and the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $800.
  • Biotechnology is one of the main industries and other major industries are health care, finance, and real estate. The unemployment rate is 4.6%, which is low.
  • Costs of living are affordable too.
  • Canada is known for cold weather, long winters, and snow, but the weather in Hamilton is great because it is located in the southern part of the country.

Home improvement trends in Ontario – stats

When it comes to home improvement trends, you should know some facts and what people in Ontario renovate the most and on what they spend money.

  • Bathroom renovation improvements cost to most (when compared to other rooms in the house). They usually cost $150 – $250 per square foot. But, on the other hand, they are one of the highest returns on investment.
  • People (homeowners) in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec spend the most money on home renovation, more than homeowners in other Canadian cities.
  • 58% of all home improvements and renovations in Canada are done in Ontario.
  • Outdoor improvements comprised 25% of total improvements.
  • The least popular home improvement is garage door projects.
  • The most popular small project in a home is an electrical project. When it comes to big projects, and the most home improvement trends in Ontario, bathroom renovations are in the first place.
Reading stats about home improvement trends in Ontario.
What is the best investment when you need to renovate a home in Ontario?

Ideas for home improvements for your home in Ontario

Don’t spend money on improvements that are not necessary. Renovating a home is not cheap. Especially if it is a big project. These are some of the most popular home improvement trends in Ontario for 2020. Make your home comfortable, functional, and beautiful.

  • Surfaces will stay in the spotlight, including carpets, ceiling tiles, floors, etc. It is always a big advantage to have amazing floors in your home, it is one of the things people notice first.
  • More and more people want to have home wellness. This trend will continue in 2020 too. Millennials invest money in these types of projects.
  • Renovations can cost a fortune, so saving money is on focus. But, also, people are willing to spend more in order to save energy in the future. For example on energy-efficient lighting, home insulation, repairing a roof.
  • Some small projects can have a big impact on your house, such as getting a new sink.
  • Painting your walls and/or doors can change the entire house. Be bold with colors and play with colors. White and beige are not the only colors for walls.
  • DIY projects are a good idea for some small renovations. You can get ideas on Youtube on Pinterest and DIY projects are getting more and more popular, not only because of saving money.
  • The weather in Ontario is changeable. Cold winters, hot summers, which means more climate-proofing.It is essential, especially if you have kids.
  • Custom kitchens are getting more popular as well as luxurious bathrooms.
  • Homes have more robotic devices and the entire home can be connected to your phone. Home tech is popular, especially among millennials.
Renovating a home.
Make a plan and create a plan for your homes improvement

Interesting facts about home improvements in Canada

If you are buying the first apartment in Canada, there is never enough information. Even if you will buy a perfect home, there will be some small improvements to adjust a home to your needs and style, of course.

  • 62% of Canadians live in homes that were built between the 50s and 99s.
  • 57% of Canadians who own a home, has 1 or 2 small home repairs in 2019 and 36% had between 3 and 10 repairs.
  • Homeowners in Alberta had the highest percentage when it comes to costs of renovations. They spent more than $50,000.
  • After bathroom renovations, the second on the list is a kitchen renovation.
  • 9% of Canadian live in a home worth more than a million dollars.


There are many home improvement trends in Ontario you can follow. Hire professionals you can trust and make a plan. If you want to sell your home and to increase value, then research what home improvements will pay off. Ontario homes are beautiful and different. You can choose between small apartments and big family homes with a backyard. Adjust a home to your needs and decorate it. Remember, always put a personal touch into it.


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