How to clean after moving

More often people are moving into a house where somebody has already lived in. There is a very little occasion where you are moving into a completely new home, where nobody has lived before. Therefore, here are some tips and advice on how to clean after moving in.

Make a cleaning plan

It doesn’t really matter whether you are moving with a family or alone. Complete home clean after moving is something that everybody usually does first. If you are moving in an apartment, then cleaning will surely be shorter and easier. However, when you are moving into a house, particularly large one, then cleaning will take you some time.

First, you should make a plan to fit in the cleaning and unpacking. The best way is to make a checklist for what to clean after moving, like one for the moving day. Simply stick to your plan and do one thing at the time.


Make a list for how to clean after moving
Make a list of tasks you need to do, so you don’t skip anything.

You will probably visit your future place a couple of times before you move in, so you can use some of that time to see what you have to clean after you move in.

If you are renting

Usually, when you are renting a house or apartment, it comes with basic furniture or appliances. This is the case when you have to make sure that you do a deep cleaning before you move in your belongings. First, it is easier if it is not too crowded. Second, it will be better to clean first and then do organizing and decorating.

When you unload your boxes or furniture, you will make cleaning much more complicated. So, the best way to clean after moving in is to clean first and unpack second.

If you are renting do not skip the deep cleaning. You want that your rental feel like home. This will be your place at least for a while. Therefore if you will live there, make sure that it is properly cleaned and sanitized.

A common mistake is to think that you don’t have to clean when it is not your house, you are just renting it. Avoid this mistake and clean because you are doing it for yourself and not your landlord.

Clean from ceiling down

Always start to clean from the above. The simple reason is the most obvious; you don’t want to clean the floors twice. So, start cleaning, dusting and scrubbing higher and then go downwards so all the filth and dust falls on the floor. In the end, you will clean the floors as well.

Don’t forget to dust or wash the chandelier. People often forget to do so and then you have dust falling from above all the time.

If there is a crown molding or some similar wall decoration, clean that as well. It collects dust and who knows what else, and that eventually falls down.

Ventilator in close pisture
Clean your air-condition and fans before you try them out.

Ventilation or air-condition is another thing that needs a deep clean after moving in. Consider if you want to hire professionals to do this or do it yourself. Actually, that depends on the type of air conditioning and the way that it is maintained. Anyway, it has to be taking care off.

Thoroughly clean after moving all the appliances as well

Make sure that you deep clean and sanitize all the kitchen appliances for start. The fridge is one of the first appliances that you will clean. It can take a while but make sure that you are using quality cleaner. You can clean it with some strong and heavy cleaner. After that, use baking soda or vinegar, just to be sure. Those natural cleaners are not damaging to your health. You can use only them if you want to keep it natural, without any chemicals. In that case, you will do more scrubbing and rubbing, but it works. It is also an effective way to clean after moving in.

The stove also requires little more hard work. You can apply your cleaning agent and leave it there while you are cleaning the rest of the kitchen. It will be easier to clean your oven if it stays there for a while. Just be careful if it is a stove with an electric cooktop. In that case, you have to use soft cloth and stove cleaner specially designed for the electric stove.

Besides appliances, you should clean the wall tiles as well. Use your relocation to go fresh and decorate your kitchen the way you like it.

Paint or clean the walls 

If you are moving in freshly painted space then you do not have to clean the walls. But if it isn’t freshly painted, make sure that you are not skipping the walls in your cleaning process. There are some tricks on how to remove wall stains and dusty parts. Depending on the surface, you can try to clean the stain with the school eraser. This works with the marks from the furniture or something similar. If there lived a family with kids before you, try to remove their ”artwork” with hair spray. Simply apply a nice thick coat and then clean it with a microfiber cloth.

Green wall with white ladders
The best solution to have cleaned and fresh space is to paint your walls.

Floors and carpets demand deep clean as well

Cleaning a floor is not so demanding. Just make sure that you are leaving that for the end. You want to clean and dust everything else and finish the floors after your movers unload your belongings. You may clean once you move in and then do it thoroughly after move in that is after you move in the furniture. In case you are moving in the place that has carpets on the floor, you have to clean and wash very meticulously. If you have a choice be sure that you take them to a professional cleaner. Once your carpets are clean, they will really improve your home. However, if you can’t do that than deeply vacuum it first and then wash it with a carpet cleaner.

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