How to Find Affordable Last-Minute Movers

In order to move without any troubles and to handle your moving expenses much easier, you need to start planning your relocation in advance. How much in advance? Well, a couple of weeks. More precisely, 6 to 8 weeks in advance. This is going to make handling expenses and any additional changes regarding the move much better. But what if you don’t plan out your move and end up having a last-minute move or it just all happens to quickly? Well, you have to organize a last-minute move. And no move is complete without a helping hand of a moving company. But as this is a last-minute move we are talking about, your budget might not be so big, to begin with. And that is when you need to find affordable last-minute movers. If this is something you are not sure how to do, you came to the right place. We know everything that you need to know before you start searching for affordable last-minute movers.

Ask friends, family, and acquaintances

Whenever you need to find something like a store or some sort of a service, it is best to always first ask the people you know. Ask your friends and family first. They are the ones who will tell you the option they know depending on what you need. In this case, you need affordable movers. Some of your friends or their family might have moved in the near past with some affordable movers in your city. This is why asking them is always the best thing to do. And if you don’t manage to find out something this way, which we doubt is going to happen, you can ask your coworkers and acquaintances. This is also a secure way to find something you are searching for, in this case, affordable movers.

Asking people is also the safest way to find moving services. This is how you will be able to hear some real experiences from real people that you know. Your friends and your family are the ones who are going to be honest with you and they wouldn’t recommend a bad and unreliable moving company to you. And this is something that happened to a lot of people. They stumbled upon a bad moving company only because they only did online research.

Online research

If asking people for recommendations fails or you simply don’t know anyone who knows anything about moving and moving companies, it is time to start your online research. Searching online is the fastest way to find a moving company but not the safest way. And you are definitely not going to know whether the moving company you found is reliable or not until you check what their clients have to say. Every reliable and good moving company is going to have good moving reviews. And there are plenty of places online where you can both read and write moving reviews for plenty of companies in the country. It is very important to read these reviews and not just the reviews on the company’s website or Facebook page. These reviews can easily be faked. And this is something you must have in mind.

How to recognize fake online moving reviews?

Now that you know that fake online moving reviews exist, you have to know how to detect them. And as I know a lot about this, I am going to give you some tips and pointers. The reviews on the company’s website are usually fake. And it is not something that is uncommon. A lot of people write fake reviews on their website so they make them look more appealing. This is why these reviews are not to be trusted so often. But Facebook reviews are usually authentic. This is also where you are able to check and see whether a person that posted the review is real or is the profile fake. There are plenty of websites online such as where you can read real online moving reviews and find affordable last-minute movers. Make checking these websites and forums a part of your moving game plan if you want to find affordable last-minute movers.

Get free online moving estimates

But how are you going to find out whether certain movers are affordable? Simply get a free online moving estimate or contact the moving company right away. Telling that your move is a last-minute move upfront is important. Some companies don’t have more than just a couple of teams of movers and trucks available and if they are all booked, moving with this moving company is not possible. This is why planning a move ahead and scheduling everything in advance is the best way to go in order to team up with people who can help you.

Getting an estimate is both the best and not the best way to find out whether movers are affordable. This is because there are fraudulent companies out there too. And they are the ones that are going to lure you in with amazing deals and discounts which are going to end up not being true and you will end up paying a lot of money. They will make your bill bigger by adding additional costs of some hidden fees that you weren’t aware of. These moving companies are the ones to stay away from.

It is always a great idea to do an estimation of how much money you will need, and try to avoid everything way above or under that price. This is why contacting the moving company via email or by calling is the best solution. Not contacting the company before hiring it is one of the worst moving mistakes.

Should you move without movers?

What if you don’t manage to find affordable last-minute movers? Is moving without movers going to save you money? The answer is: it will probably cost more. Moving without movers can only be more stressful and sometimes even more expensive, depending on how long-distance your last-minute move is. Having movers even when moving locally is the best way to go.

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