Improve your living space by picking the right colour for your walls

The interior of your home is probably the most important space for your life. Being that you spend the most of it inside of your home. Therefore, when you’re thinking about painting the walls, consult the experts’ opinions. You want to choose the right colour for your walls, so you wouldn’t feel bad in any room, not for a moment. Psychology is the key science to assigning the colours to your rooms. There are some basic rules on how every paint affects your mood. Therefore, here’s the article about how to improve your living space by picking the right colour for your walls. Reading it, you’ll get the suggestions from the experts in the area of interior improvement. This isn’t the perfect idea of how you should paint your walls. It’s just bunch of useful tips on how each colour would influence your experience of the room.

Improve your living space by picking the right colour for your walls
By picking the right colour for your walls you’re improving your living space


Psychology of the paint: Improve your living space by picking the right colour for your walls

There are so many styles for how to paint your walls. We’re not even gonna start the argument on that. You may choose to paint every room the same colour. Or you may combine two-three colours for your walls. Otherwise, you may choose one-two colours for each room wall. It depends only on your experience of what would be the best, and also on your character. Being that each character prefers different colours palette. We’ll make here some suggestions on what each colour means, and what room in your home it’s recommended for to improve the quality of your living space. Another tip before we start- you may contrast your walls to your furniture, carpets and curtains, it makes visually a nice effect on your overall experience of your home amelioration.

Red- Improving the living space for a person of strong and energetic personality

Red raises the level of energy in the room. It’s proven to be raising your blood pressure and a heart rate. That’s why red recommended paint for a library, for the kitchen, if you don’t have problems with your weight (scientists claim it improves appetite), or for a living room. Especially it’s recommended for the last mentioned because red colour encourages talk and closeness of the people inside of the room. Still, when trying to improve your living space by picking the right colour for your walls, you don’t want all the rooms to be painted in red. You wouldn’t like to have your heart beating all day long, pumping your blood fastly. Have a rest from the red at least once in a while, it will make good for you!

Yellow- Recommended for living space improvement for those seeking joy, happiness and warming effect

Prior to the painting of your walls, find out how you feel about each colour
Get to know how you feel about each colour before you paint your walls


Being the colour of the Sun, it makes the space warmer. Also, it encourages mental activity andcloseness within people. But, the experts warn that using yellow as the main colour for spaces where you spend a lot of time isn’t good. They claim yellow might make people lose their nerve, and therefore create a bad atmosphere inside of a family. And that’s not good if you’re trying to improve your living space by picking the right colour for your walls. Hence, yellow is the right pick to improve some parts of your home interior. Such as the kitchen, or bathroom. Or dining rooms, if they’re not connected to your living room.

Blue- Invites for calmness and stability, and therefore a good choice for living space upgrading for people with lower energy

Besides blue colour is good for those with low energy, it’s also a good choice for those trying to lower the energy or fury. As we said, it invites the calmness. Having one room painted in red improves the quality of your family nest by having a space for ‘anger management’ to avoid the fights and strong brawls. In order to upgrade your home by assigning the right colour to each room, let’s recommend those you should paint blue. Consider painting your kitchen (especially if having overweight, calm your appetite) or your bathroom blue. Those rooms could be your escape from the tension and high pressure.

Orange- It’s the combination of energy and love, and hence a good choice to upgrade rooms where you need to be creative and stimulated

The orange colour is the mix of red and yellow, so it’s mixing the characteristics of those two. It will help you solve the issue of being too much energetic for ‘red shade’ people, and also it brings more power for ‘yellow shade’ people. Therefore a good combination to improve home quality if your family members are polar to red and yellow colour. An orange will be attractive for both sides. Trying to improve your living space by picking the right colour for your walls, try to paint in an orange the walls in the exercise room or in the room where you have your ‘family games’.

Purple- The right pick for living space improvement in rooms where you need to be calm and brainstorming at the same time!


Get to know what's the best paint for your walls in each of your rooms at home
Check out what’s the best colour for walls in each room in your home

When you mix red and blue- you get purple. So mixing the stability and energy you get to be both, peaceful and determined, at the same time. The purple might be a good paint for your conference room walls i.e. Another reason why many people use purple to enrich their homerooms is the feeling of wealth and extravagance. And that might just be the right effect even for another room in your home. Being that we’re seeking nowadays for more money and higher life standard. This could ease it up for o your mind and let it concentrate on what really matters in life.


Green- Great for rooms improvement where you need to fresh and harmonic because it’s the colour of nature

Green, a combination of peace and happiness. So green is a terrific choice for your home office or a place where you study. Speaking of how to improve your living space by picking the right colour for your walls, this is probably the single colour specifically meant to use for working spaces. Many scientists for various areas claim this, and it’s proven in practice. Besides that, green is also good for the rooms where you get together with your family. Such as living or dining rooms. It is unwinding, but it still brings enough warmness and togetherness to keep you happy to spend time with your family.

White and black- Basic colours, good for every space, and you could assign them to any room in your house without making a mistake

When it comes to black and white, they are not extreme in any way. So you may use them to improve any space in your home. Basically, home interior experts use them for parts of the room, still using some ‘real’ colours to emphasise the spaces. Therefore, white is a good choice i.e. for your sealing. And black is good to be combined with each colour, refraining their extreme influences.

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