Should you move out when renovating your house?

You have finally decided on doing some renovation in your home. You’ve gone over the budget. Contacted the contractors. And everything is set. But you are wondering if you should move out when renovating your house or not? It’s a big question, one not so easily answered. Home renovation can range from simple fixes around the house to major renovation. And whether you should move out or not depends on many factors. We are here to help you make the best decision for you. There are many pros and cons and you should consider all of them before you make a decision.

Why should you move out when renovating your house?

There are many reasons why you would want to move out when renovating your house. The first being that it can get quite uncomfortable to live there. In the end, it all depends on the scale of the work you are doing. But most of the home renovation produces a lot of uncomfortable noise and dust. And if you are renovating key areas of the house, like the living room or a bedroom your daily routine will be disrupted. You probably won’t be able to sleep in your bed during most of the work in the bedroom. If you are making changes to your kitchen that will be inaccessible too.

man with a drill should be a resaon to move out when renovating your house
There is a big chance that you won’t be able to sleep well during renovation

Another reason to move out when renovating your house is a health concern. Removing walls can produce a lot of drywall dust. And if you are not wearing protective mask and glasses you can seriously hurt your health. Colors used when painting walls can be harmful before they dry, so sleeping in the freshly painted room is not advisable. So consider moving out until the work is done. Moving in the same area is much easier, so try and find an apartment that is close by.

Moving out might speed up the work

Moving out of the house during the renovation will make the work more efficient. Renovation crew will be able to work much faster if they don’t worry about cleaning after themselves every day. They will be able to focus more on the work and less on making your life a little bit more comfortable. So if you move out when renovating your house you will save them time. And by doing that you will save yourself some money. Some contractors even charge more when the owner stays in the house. So even if you rent a short-term apartment you might end up saving money.

Reasons for staying in the house

There are a lot of reasons to go somewhere else during renovations. But there are also a lot of reasons not to move out when renovating your house. The first one is security. You shouldn’t hire contractors that you can’t trust. But if you have, or if you are having second thoughts, you might consider staying in the house. We all heard the horror stories of items being stolen or damaged.

Another reason is the quality of the work. Again, it all comes down to whether you trust your renovation crew or not. If you have experience with renovation you might want to stay and ensure that everything is done the way you want it. You will be able to double check the color of the walls. Or point out some quirks about the house that might help the contractors. Just make sure that you don’t make it harder for them to do their work. They are professionals. And while they might nod at your suggestions it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have handled it without your assistance.

worker measuring floor
Keep in mind that your workers are professionals!

Where to move during a renovation?

If you have decided to move out of the house during renovation, you are probably wondering where to go. There are many options here. From staying at a hotel to moving in with a friend. But, again, it all depends on the scale of work you are doing in your home. If renovation takes a long time hotel can be an expensive option. And staying with a friend for a long period of time can be difficult.

Rent an apartment nearby

If work done in your house takes a long time you should consider renting an apartment nearby. You will have your own corner of peace, but you will also be able to go to the house from time to time. There would be no need to take everything with you. Just the essentials. And if you do end up needing some extra stuff, your house is just a walk away. But if you do decide to take more stuff with you it might be a good idea to hire movers. Especially if you rented an apartment that is a bit further away. It won’t cost as much as moving an entire house. You can find great moving companies at That way you will have everything you need in your new place. And once the work is done you can just move back into the renovated house.

Take a vacation

Renovating your house can be a big hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. If it doesn’t take a long time and you want to move out when renovating your house, why not take a vacation? If you trust your contractors and have enough money in your budget it’s a perfect time for it. You will get to spend quality time with your family. Enjoy cocktails on a sunny beach, and recharge. You will come back refreshed and ready to enjoy your newly renovated home.

person relaxing in a swing
You can go on a vacation while renovation of your home is in progress

Stay with a friend

Staying with a friend can be a great way to avoid the hassle of a home renovation. Just make sure that you don’t overstay your welcome. You don’t want to end up damaging the relationship with your friend while fixing your house. If renovation takes around a week then this is a great solution. But if it ends up taking much longer you will be imposing on your friend. So consider everything before you decide to move in with a friend.

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