Moving interstate – how to save money?

So you’re moving interstate! How exciting! Moving interstate can bring a lot more change than just changing cities could. The differences between the states are amazing, and just what you need for a fresh start. Interstate moving is more expensive than moving within the state for sure, but there’s no need to go totally broke if you can help it. The last thing you need is to be saddled with extra expenses on top of moving stress! This article has a lot of helpful tips to save money. So, no matter if you’re organizing a business move or just starting a new chapter in your personal life, this article is for you.

A super cluttered desktop as a person tries to plan for moving interstate.
It’s important to plan everything when moving interstate.

Moving interstate and clutter reduction

So, you’re all ready to pack. But, do you need to bring everything you have? Signs point to no! Getting rid of old, unwanted things is crucial to saving money. You’re spending money to relocate it all! What good will it do to spend all that money to relocate it only to dump it in a shiny new trash can? You need to downsize smartly. Pay attention to where you’re going and what your new place will be like. For example: Do you need to bring a bunch of winter jackets to Florida? No, no you do not. Do you need to bring a lawn-mover into an apartment? Absolutely not!

  • Get a floor plan for your new place, or make one yourself with graphite paper. Can you put your furniture in comfortably? If not, don’t bring it. Moving interstate is expensive enough without lugging a couch all the way there only to throw it away!
  • Go through your clothes, and toss anything that doesn’t fit and that you haven’t worn in a while.
  • Are you an avid gardener? There is a list of things movers won’t move. Plants are on it – it’s illegal in many states! Make sure to check beforehand, and you’ll come out smelling like roses.
  • There is a special postage rate for books! Look it up. It might be cheaper to mail your beloved books instead of moving them – books are heavy!
  • Have a garage sale to make a pretty penny and help with moving costs! Try ebay or craigslist for items that don’t get sold in the garage sale.
  • Be rational when it comes to things like holiday decorations. Do you really need to haul that plastic Christmas tree that takes up a lot of space?

Should you be moving interstate without professionals?

It’s very tempting. After all, that would mean a lot of money saved, right? Wrong! Professionals are experts who have perfected moving to an art. There is no way to emphasize how much hiring a good moving company will help you navigate this stressful time. They know how to avoid hidden costs, and how to move your beloved belongings with ease. Not to mention how you will have a team of people dedicated to your move, so you won’t have to think of everything yourself. Moving home to a distant location is very stressful! You’re also paying for a peace of mind that comes from dedicated professionals helping you make your move as painless as possible.

A wooden box with 'FRAGILE' on it for your interstate move.
It might help to hire professional packing services when moving interstate.

What can movers do for you?

Well, basically anything you can think of. A good movers company will over a lot of solutions and services to customize your move. You could hire a professional packing service, to take care of that troublesome packing. If you can’t part with your belongings that just won’t fit in your new place, they can offer storage solutions so you have somewhere to put them. Are you looking for a quality moving experience? Moving Buddies are your new best friends.

Moving interstate is difficult without help. This man overpacked his boxes and is about to tumble down.
Why got at it yourself when professionals have your back?

 Interstate moving is full of many hidden pitfalls that trap the unwary layman. There is a reason that nationwide relocation needs a lot of planning, and it’s because there are many things to consider. How will you carry all your things? Are some things illegal to transport into your new state? What about your car, did you weigh the costs of selling it and purchasing a new one versus the fuel costs to drive it over or shipping cost? And many, many more things. This is where the professionals come in. These people are experienced and eager to help you! By choosing the right trustworthy professionals, you are actually saving money you would use to fix expensive mistakes!

It’s crucial to have your new place ready for you when moving interstate

Imagine this: you have handled every aspect of the moving, and arrive with the moving trucks and your things into your shiny new place, only to realize you don’t have any electricity or running water. Or, even worse, your new place isn’t ready for you, and you have to scramble for storage as well as accommodation for yourself! Horrifying, right? Your new place needs to be ready for you, or at least ready to receive your things. Otherwise, you might go in the red trying to secure a place for them (and you)! There are a lot of little miscellaneous things to take care of when moving interstate that can easily turn into a big headache.

  • Make sure to disconnect the utilities before setting out!
  • Try to coordinate your move to avoid peak season moving or end of the month moving. This could help you get a better price, too.
  • You need to cancel any cable company and phone subscriptions you have. As well as any local newspapers you might read.
  • Tell your post office your new address in advance. You don’t want to realize you haven’t gotten any mail after months have passed!
  • Notify your bank of this, too.
  • Make sure to have scheduled a time to hook up the utilities, so they’re active when you show up. Interstate moving is complicated enough without staying in a hotel for a week because your new place doesn’t have water or electricity.

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