Moving to Dallas for a job – is it a good idea?

Are you planning on moving to Dallas for a job? If you are, well, you are not the only one. According to recent statistics, around 300,000 people moved to Dallas in the last two years. And, for the same reason as you! Apparently, the economy is booming, there are jobs for everyone, and what is more, job diversity is more than great. But, of course, Dallas is an amazing place to live when we take other things into consideration besides job possibilities. It is affordable, safe, education is top-notch, and there is no such thing as boredom. On those free days, you can enjoy the culture and music scene, attend an event, go watch a game, go shopping or enjoy the great outdoors. So, if what you have read so far sounds interesting to you, keep on reading to see why moving to Dallas for a job is a good idea.

The Dallas Job Market

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest reasons why soo many people are moving to Dallas is for work. And, yes, it is possible to move here with or without a job. If you want to be secure, it might be a better idea to schedule some interviews and find a job before Evolution Moving Company DFW comes to relocate your belongings. But do not worry, even if you have not found a job yet, you will pretty soon. The unemployment rate here is rather low, less than 3% to be exact. And, as there are many companies, there is plenty of room for growth too. You will be glad to hear that all sectors of jobs are growing! Moreover, Dallas is ranked as the number one city for recent grads. Thus, Dallas is, without a doubt, one of the best places to start your career as well.

A businessman using various means - a laptop, a calculator, a mobile phone, to find out whether moving to Dallas for a job is a good decision.
Whether you want to work for a company or open your own, moving to Dallas is a great idea.

Job Possibilities

So, yes, here you can have a boss or be your own boss. And, you can work in pretty much any sector you desire. Of course, if you have the skills for it. Dallas is a company’s town. That is, it is a massive corporations’ town. To be exact, 22 of America’s 500 largest companies are located here. One of the biggest companies here is the AMR Corporation or American Airlines. And this company employes more than 25,000 people from all walks of life. Some other major companies are Southwest Airlines, ExxonMobil, JCPenney, Kronos, and Fossil. Moreover, if you are looking for a job in the health care sector, you will definitely find something here. You can choose between Texas Health Resources and the Baylor Healthcare System. Thus, Dallas is a great place to look for a better job, higher salary and simply a better way of living.

Cost Of Living

Before moving to any city in the world, first, you must check whether you can afford to live there comfortably. Let’s face it, there is no point in organizing your stuff for the move if you can’t swing it financially. But, do not worry! Moving to Dallas will not break your bank! Yes, maybe it is not the cheapest place to live in America, but it is definitely not the most expensive either. If you choose to live right in the city center, of course, everything will be more expensive. It would be much better to find a housing option in some other neighborhood outside the city center and commute to work. Different areas offer different prices – bear that in mind before moving to Dallas. However, you will soon realize that the standard of living here is not that high, but that salaries are above the national average. So, do not worry about breaking the bank as it is more than possible to live and move on a budget in Dallas.

A person counting money.
With a good job, you will not have to worry about money in Dallas.

Housing in Dallas

Before moving to Dallas for work, you should find your new home first. You can do that by checking online listings or simply hiring a real estate agent who will help you avoid home rental scams. And, you will be glad to hear that there is plenty to choose from when it comes to housing options in Dallas. You just need to know what are your priorities, your wishes, and your budget. If you decide to rent at first, you should consider finding a place close to your office. Approximately, one-bedroom apartment in the city center in Dallas is around 800$, and if you need something outside the center, you will pay less – around 600$. And, should you decide to purchase your home, either an apartment or a house, be prepared to pay $3,000+ per square meter. Of course, you can lower this price by looking for homes outside the center or choosing to share them with roommates.

A house key-chain.
In Dallas, you will find any property you desire – from an apartment to a ranch.

Best Places to Consider When Moving to Dallas for a Job

Yes, as previously mentioned, it would be best to look for a home that is close to your place of work. However, if you are planning on moving to Dallas for good and start both your career and your family there, try to find a place that will suit your future needs the most! Thus, without a further ad, here are some of the best places to live in Dallas:

  • Central Dallas – This is where everything happens. There is great access to public transportation, schools, food, nightlife, and shopping.
  • Park Cities – This neighborhood is located close to the city center, it is safe, and offers great entertainment options. However, be sure that the housing prices here are not for everyone.
  • East Dallas – A place designed for nature lovers and families. Moreover, it is also great if you plan on moving with your pets too, as there are a lot of green areas here.


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