Moving to Florida in one week

If you think that moving to Florida in one week is impossible, you might be wrong. With a good moving plan and experienced moving company, it’s not as difficult as it might sound. If you need to move last minute, Purple Hearth Moving Group can help you relocate with ease. Your moving company can also do the packing for you, and plan the entire moving process. Take a look at some tips and tricks for moving to Florida in one week.

The organization is the key

If you just found out that you need to move, grab a piece of paper and start writing. Making a to-do list can help you organize better and check your tasks one by one. In order to remember all the things, you have to do before the moving day, here’s a sketch of your moving plan:

Hiring movers

The search for reliable movers can take weeks, but not if you know what to look for. A good moving company should have positive reviews from their previous customers. They should also offer the last-minute moving service. If you find the ones that do, ask them about the moving timeline and how they plan to perform your last-minute move to Florida. Before you hire a professional moving assistance, don’t forget to ask them for a quote for your Florida move. Having an estimate of your moving costs will help you avoid additional charges after your relocation is over.

Organizing the packing process

The good thing about moving to Florida in one week is that you don’t actually have to bring all your belongings at once. In case you are moving interstate, movers can help you relocate your entire home. However, if you are moving long-distance or overseas, there is no need to pack every last detail into moving boxes. The thing is, you will not need any winter clothes in Florida. All the rest – you can find in any city you plan to move to.

Miami beach
Making a to-do list will help you plan the move to Florida.

Another thing you should consider is hiring a professional packing service. Most moving companies offer a packing service along with transportation of your belongings. In case you are a single person and you don’t have a lot of things to move, you can always pack on your own. However, moving an entire family to Florida in just one week might be difficult without professional moving assistance.

Finding a housing

We’ll take a lucky guess and assume you’re moving to Florida in one week for a new job. In case you are not, finding a new job should be your priority. However, finding a housing should be the first thing on your list, since not all homes are affordable in Florida. having in mind that you are moving last-minute, you won’t have much time to plan your moving budget. At least, that’s the case with all the moving costs. However, make sure to plan the amount of money you will need for your new home in Florida. Once you move, you’ll have to pay rent for several weeks before finding another one.


In the end, make sure to gather all the necessary documents for moving to Florida in one week. This is crucial, especially if you are moving to Florida from abroad. Visit your local bank and get all of your accounts straight. Also, make sure to gather visa paperwork and medical history, in case you need it before the move.

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