New Jersey office improvement ideas

Productivity and performance in an office are well-influenced by the environment they happen in. It is a fact that employees can work up to 20% more effective if the office space around them is clean, tidy, and well-organized. An office that shows good design is something that can boost productivity and help employees work more efficiently. A coordinated and useful environment will be beneficial for your business and save your money in the future. That’s why you need to take a look at these office improvement ideas and see what you can do. It doesn’t take a lot of time and money but is very valuable to your office situation.

Some small office improvement ideas can make a big change
Office space is very important since we spend there the most of our day


Let’s face it – whenever the lightning is bad and low, we are tempted to yawn and lay down. Sometimes, bad lighting can result in headaches, depression, and fatigue. Natural light is the best, but sometimes, especially if you work late, you can’t  have that. But there is something you can do – bring some more light bulbs and lamps, that produce natural white light and you will see how big the difference is once you light up your office space. It will make you feel more awake and therefore more productive. Furthermore, In New Jersey, the winter season can be cold and dark, which means there is less natural light. In these cases, some people use light therapy lamps which seems to be an effective treatment. Another thing you can do that, if you have a big window in your office, move your desk close to it and make yourself a natural light office spot.

One of the office improvement ideas is to move furniture close to the source of natural light


Another thing that affects our mood and creativity are colors around us. Choosing the right color for your office walls can be one of small office improvement ideas that can really affect your emotions. Colors that are said to enhance productivity are blue, green, yellow and red. But be careful – too much of color, or mixing them in a wrong way can be counterproductive. The best way to use colors for your environment is to mix them wisely – use one or two strong colors like blue and green, and mix them with neutral, basic, but light colors, like white, beige or light gray. Walls should be as light as possible, to enhance light, and details like chairs, curtains or flower pots – be creative!

Pick the color for your walls
Choosing the right colors can be one of the small office improvement ideas that make the office space more comfortable

Be comfortable and follow these office improvement ideas

Nothing can make employees feel less productive and more depressive than an office which is not comfortable, clean and organized. The best timing for organizing is definitely when moving your office. In that situation, you can get a great help from commercial movers NJ. It is difficult to change things around the office while there are people working in it.

Therefore, if you are in the situation of changing your office location, check movers NJ and get some help and constructive advice. Even though there may be less natural light in your office space, there are some other things you can do to make the office a more appealing space for work:

  1. Choose the right chair – back and neck pain can be something that makes you feel even more tired and less productive. Change the chair that is comfortable and that suits your body and you will feel much better. Other pieces of furniture are also important, like some comfy armchairs or sofas – preferably in bright, attractive colors.
  2. Organize – You should keep desks and generally, office space, clean and organized at all times. A creative mess is one thing, but having a desk full of unnecessary papers, empty food boxes or pens that don’t even work, can only stop you from thinking straight and be productive.
  3. Add some extra touches – there are some things that don’t belong to the category of office pieces but can make you feel much better in your work environment. These include a nice coffee machine, exercise balls to stretch or sit on them, nice plants, etc. Furthermore, check out some more of the small office improvement ideas here:


New Jersey is far from a quiet city. Proximity to New York is definitely an advantage, but it results in higher levels of traffic, and therefore – noise pollution. Noise in an office can come from the traffic outside, but also from the inside. Working in a team can be completely silent, or it can happen that there is a particularly noisy co-worker. Noise can be a distraction from your work, but also a complete silence is not the solution as well. In these cases, you could do a couple of things. Relaxing music in the background can bring a nice and cheerful atmosphere to the office. If you work alone, you can change it according to your mood, but if you work with other people, consult with them about it. If that is not an option, headphones are your best friend. Use them to play music from a music website like Spotify, according to your mood, and help yourself relax and concentrate on your work.


Finally, there are some issues that a nicely decorated office cannot solve. Apart from moving furniture, choosing colors and bringing potted plants, try to focus on the atmosphere in the office. This means that sometimes communication between co-workers is more important than any object in the office. Understanding, helping each other and communicating is a huge factor for having a harmonious office space. Furthermore, positive reinforcement and showing that each member of the team is important can have a greater effect on the office space than the objects in the office. Also, understand that there is no perfect office – there will be something that bothers you all the time, so focus on improving the situation, rather than making it perfect.

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