How to stage your attic for the sale?

Home staging is very popular. Everyone who wants to sell a home or to rent it stages that home. It is the art of making a room appear much better than it really is. This is done to make people interested because the place looks nice. Plus it is much easier to sell it or rent it if it looks nice on the pictures. Attics are the hardest parts of the house to stage. People usually keep their attics messy and then when it’s time to sell their home, they have to clean it thoroughly and make it look as nice as possible. We have some tips for you on how to stage your attic for the sale.

Cleaning up – the first step to stage your attic for the sale

The first thing you must do is clean your attic. If you want to make something nice out of it, it needs to be cleaned. If you have any stuff stored in your attic, you should see if there’s something that needs to be thrown away. This is also going to help you organize your items for the move. There’s no need to keep things that you don’t use or need. These things only create clutter and take up free space that you could’ve used for something else. It is very important to clean everything nicely. Getting rid of unnecessary things also makes a move less expensive. And if you’re on a tight budget and that makes you unable to hire movers, getting rid of things you don’t use is a must. Once you do that, you can hire

You must also remember to protect yourself while cleaning. If you haven’t cleaned your attic in a long time, you must remember to wear a face mask. It is going to keep you away from breathing in dust. Wear gloves and protect your eyes too. Make sure you clean all the dust and spiderwebs.

Cleaning supplies to do some cleaning before you stage your attic for the sale.
Clean up everything before you start staging.

Fix everything that needs to be fixed

If there’s a leak, a crack in the wall, or a broken window you should definitely fix it if you want to stage your attic for the sale. Not only is this going to help with home staging but it is also going to increase the cost of your house. And as you’re selling your house, this is definitely something you’d like to do. The more money you can make with small repairs, the better. Here are some budget-friendly home improvements.

After you’ve finished repairing everything that needs to be repaired, it’s best to paint over the walls. As there’s a lot of dust in your attic, the walls must have gotten dirty and they don’t look nice. Repainting doesn’t cost much but it helps a lot. It is also one of those things that increases the value of your home. The same way you would expect to move into a new home and have a nice attic, other people expect that as well. And it is also going to be much harder to sell a home if just one of the rooms is in bad condition. Even if you’re just going to be renting out a spare room that is your attic, you need to put some effort into making it look nice.

A painting brush and a can with white paint.
Painting your attic is going to make it look 10 times better and easier to stage.

Consider turning your attic into a useful room

By “turning your attic into a useful room” we mean making it into an actual room in the house that can be used on a daily basis. This not only adds value to the home but it also makes it sell much faster. Everyone would like to have a room in the attic whether it’s a home gym, home office, bedroom, lounging room, or a guest room. You can turn your attic into almost anything and you don’t need many things to start with. No matter which one of these ideas you pick, you definitely need some shelves up there. Shelves can be found anywhere and they don’t cost a lot of money.

If this is going to be a room of some sort, you also need to work on making it a bit cozier than it already is. Having nice lighting and rugs is a great idea if you want to achieve that. Lazy bags are made for attics. They are easy to move around and they don’t weigh much. Plus, they can be pretty comfortable if you choose to spare a bit more money on them. If you’re going to turn your attic into an at-home office, make sure you put a large desk up there. As you probably have plenty of space in your attic, you have space for a large desk. There’s no such thing as a desk that is too large because there’s never enough desk space.

If you decide to go through with any of these ideas you’ll have an easier time staging your attic. It is already going to look okay and with a little extra effort, it is going to look even better. Sure you might need to spend a few extra dollars on doing all this, but all that money can be gained back if you get a good offer for your home.

A modern looking attic.
Turn your attic into a functional room.

Add last touches to stage your attic for the sale

Once you get everything ready, you need to add some extra touches in order to make it look even better. Add some decorative pieces. Pieces such as mirrors, paintings, curtains. Anything that is going to make your attic look even nicer is welcome. This is a key step if you want to stage your attic for the sale. Remember all these things when the time to stage your attic comes. These repairs don’t cost a lot of money. You can also get more money by doing these repairs in your attic before selling your home.

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