Tips for moving your piano in NYC

Moving your piano in NYC is a serious endeavor. Packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking – everything seems to be a serious challenge on its own. So, how can you handle that? Here is some advice.

Tips for moving your piano in NYC

First of all, when moving your piano in NYC, the best way is to hire professionals. For that, you can find many reliable companies and additional info on Verified Movers website. What you need are those movers specialized in piano moving. Of course, you can move your piano yourself, but you will need to know the next few things:

  • First, you need packing materials like wrappings, blankets, dollies, and straps to pack it
  • Second, remove legs and pedals
  • Third, wrap the entire piano, protect it with blankets, and strap everything
  • Finally, carefully load it on a truck

Think you can handle it? Great! But sometimes, the damage is not worth the risk.


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