Why Lincolnwood is a great place for retirees

It is normal that you have the urge to move once you get retired. Most retirees decide to spend their retirement traveling around the world, meeting new people, and exploring new surroundings. The other half decide that they want to relocate to a new place. It is better than living with your children who have their own families to worry about. Now the only thing that you need to decide is where you should relocate. Well, Lincolnwood is a great place for retirees, and many can confirm that. You just need to see it for yourself. There are plenty of suburban areas that you will like, but this one is the one you might want to go for.

Basic information about Lincolnwood

This is not a popular suburb, so it is normal that you don’t know anything about it. Or not much. That is why we are here, to tell you about the place in detail so that you can decide if you want to relocate there or not. So, let’s start with the most basic things about this place. Lincolnwood is a suburb of Chicago and is located in Cook County. There are 12,338 inhabitants that live there. Most of them are retirees and they all tend to be liberal. The area feels dense and suburban. You can find lots of coffee shops and parks.

It is also very good to know that the median home value in Lincolnwood is $394,900 and the median rent is around $2,915. That is the reason why most of the residents are homeowners. There are only 19% of renters. And as you already know, most of the residents are retirees, so why bother renting? But this is something that is up to you to decide. It will be also very good and important to remember that when it comes to moving, pros are at your disposal, and by pros, we mean local Lincolnwood movers. You should ask for help in moving in, even though you think you don’t need it.

Two retirees realizing why Lincolnwood is a great place for retirees.
Lincolnwood is a great place for retirees because they can enjoy nature there.

One of the reasons why Lincolnwood is a great place for retirees is the friends you will have

As a retiree most of the time you will feel like no one can understand you. Especially younger people, and adults. Even your kids sometimes too. Because of these feelings, quite a large number of retirees don’t feel free to do all the things they would want to do. They are either being judged, or people around them don’t agree with them. Living like that is very difficult and it cannot affect you in any positive way.

As you already know, this suburb is dominated by retirees. And this means that you will be able to have and meet new friends. People around you will be more or less the same age as you are and that will be nice to experience. You will feel more relaxed and you will get to enjoy those neighborhood gatherings and so on. And as a senior, one of the mistakes to avoid when moving is to move to a place where you won’t be able to make any new friends.

Another reason is the safety

You should know that Lincolnwood is a very safe suburb. The crime rate is very low. You could say that crime almost never happens here. The worst crime that could happen here is some sort of theft, but even that is not common at all. Living in a safe place is very important. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak or that you should be worried. But you know what they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Living in a dangerous place is definitely uncomfortable and can make you quite anxious. And as you are getting elder, you should worry about yourself and you should be more relaxed. Also, when it comes to the actual moving process, we recommend that you check out websites such as golansmoving.com. They might be able to relocate you to the area, so you better search for adequate moving assistance on time!

Grandparents and their grandchildren.
Living in a safe place means you will get to see your grandchildren and children often.

Living in suburbs is better than living in cities when you are a senior

This is something that is about all the suburbs in general. Not specifically Lincolnwood. So, living in a city is amazing for young people. You live a fast life with a lot of people around you. You go out because the nightlife is wild and amazing. The sounds of traffic are not a problem, and so on. But when you are getting older, you start to change your opinion. It is not the same. You want your own peace, and you don’t want to be disturbed by some nervous taxi drivers that are honking their sirens. And life in Lincolnwood can provide you with exactly what you want. Furthermore, the best thing about this is that Chicago is so close, so whenever you need the big city for something, you are just around the corner. And in the meantime, make sure that you know all those tips for finding a family home in Lincolnwood. You will soon need them!

Now you will finally have that place where the entire family can gather

As your kids are getting older, they will start to create their own families. Most of the time, however, the entire family gets separated because each member decides to live in some other part of the country or even continent. But even so, holidays are days for families and you should never skip celebrating them together! And if you move to Lincolnwood you will be in a great place to host Christmas, Easter, or any other holiday each year. Both your kids and their kids will love visiting you and spending time there altogether, creating amazing memories.

Family having lunch together.
Everyone will love visiting you and spending time in your new home.

Give it a try, you don’t have anything to lose

By now you should understand why Lincolnwood is a great place for retirees. This is, without a doubt, an amazing place that will bring you closer to your family. And at the same time, this is the place where you will be able to be yourself and have all the support that you need from your new friends. Give it a try, you don’t have anything to lose.

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