DIY Man Cave ideas you can do in your home

After a long day at work you just want to go home and relax. Crack open a cold one and just sit for a moment without any stress, right? That’s when it hit you, your place looks dull. Your childhood hero Batman has his own Bat Cave. Well why not be your own Batman and make your own Man Cave. Whether you are reorganizing your garage or some other room as a man cave, things are about to get a bit tricky if you do not know what you are doing. Here are a bunch of tips, tricks and guides that will help you upgrade your boring little room into a cool and relaxing Man Cave you always dreamed of.

Getting all you need

Start with gathering all the necessary tools you will need in the process. It will save you time if you know you have what you need instead of getting in unwanted position. You were so excited and was in the middle of the project just to realize you are out of nails or you do not have a proper hammer or screw drivers. So, get a list of what you need and head on to the tool shop!

Call your friends to help you

 Ok, let us be honest. That man cave is not going to be only for you. Of course you will be spending most of your time alone there, but sometimes you will have your friends over. So make sure to  hear their opinions  before making any plans. They could give you some great ideas also.

friends hanging out
Friends can help you in designing your man cave

Starting the plans on your man cave

After you heard your friends out and their ideas it is good to get it all on paper and figure out how much it can cost. Also, you won’t bother yourself with memorizing it all. Just start with basic stuff and build your man cave around it. Things you should get to do first are:

  1. Floor
  2. Walls
  3. Doors
  4. Windows
  5. Outlets

Those are some basic things you must cover first before even attempting to build something else. A true man cave is not only about what you have in it, it is also about how it looks like. So let’s talk about those basic things first.

Renovating and decorating the floor

A good man cave is as good as it’s foundation. And on top of that, you don’t want some plain looking floor. No, your new place requires, no, it demands certain man touch and certain look that will make your guests go “Wow, this looks awesome! How did you do it?”.

Here are some good ideas on how to do your floor:

Yes this can look like some expensive floor and money consuming. You can joke with your friends how it costed you over 25.000 pennies to do it. Or how it worth every penny.

When it comes to wooden floors, this could be a little tricky as you actually have to invest a bit. But have in mind, once invested enough it could last you a long time! There are differences in what kind of wooden floor you are planning to make. As in quality and money needed. For instance you can choose between solid wood or engineered, finished or unfinished. One of the best choices of wood are oak, maple and cherry, then walnut, mahogany and ash. More exotic woods requires more money.

wooden floor open windows - man cave
Good wooden flor can last a long time

Decorating the walls of your new Man Cave

Floor is done! That fine oak wood just cracks under your feet, making you feel like you are on the deck of your own ship. Well, you sure are about to be! Now our attention turns to the “sails of the room”. The walls. When it comes to the walls first things first. Your isolation has to be good. No one wants to be cold in their own special place, or to see water dripping from them. So, make sure they are isolated well enough before continuing in decorating them. Here are some ideas on how to make them worthy of your new place.

  • Neon signs are a must have in every man cave, since it is always opened for relaxation.
  • Signs! Street signs, tavern signs, drink signs. Whatever you get your hands on it will sure be a great decoration to your wall.
  • Instruments! Guitars, violins or any other that can be mounted on the walls. If you are a musician you already have them, or if you do not have them, buy some broken just for decoration.
  • If you are more interested in tools you can also organize them on your walls. It will be both practical and a good decoration to your man cave.
  • Graffiti can always be a good choice when decorating the walls.

Windows and doors decoration

When it comes to windows and doors there are not that much ideas as with floor and walls sadly. As with walls, windows and doors first function is to provide good isolation and security. So your best choice would be if they are made of PVC. Of course you can ask for some special design by your choice, but you will have to pay extra money. That can prove to be expensive so keep it simple.

DIY Man Cave ideas you can do in your home
Windows and doors first function is to provide good isolation and security

DIY Ideas for interior

After your exterior work is done, it is time to focus on interior stuff in your man cave. There are bunch of ideas but let’s just mention few of the most interesting ones.

  • Wooden barrels. There is a great amount of things you can build from them depending on their size. Chairs, tables even beds are an option!
  • Using an old tool storage can be used as a place you build your sink on.
  • Empty beer bottles can be turned into interesting table lamps.
  • Used tools or car parts can get new function in your new man cave as a key, coat hangers or parts of a small bar you can build.

Simply, there can be thousands of ideas on how to decorate your own man cave and make it more appealing to your taste.  Share with us your thoughts and DIY projects you did!

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