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It may seem hard to pick a style, but it’s actually not. In reality, we often blend several elements from different styles. The important thing is that you understand the features of styles. Afterwards,  you can sort out which one might be right for you. When it comes to decorating, there is an enormous number of styles to choose from. There is an endless list of possible combinations, and they often have a specific name, which could be confusing to many people. Even if you are clueless when it comes to recognizing different furnishing styles, there are few steps before you make your final decision.

  1. Go around your house and make a list of things that you like.
  2. Think about colors, textures, and materials.
  3. Make your inspiration file of some sort.
  4. Search the internet for ideas for furniture and details.
  5. Make sure that style of your choice fits your way of living.

Interior design styles: 5 popular types explained

Urban modern

Modern style features simple interior lines, without many details and ornamentations. Colors are reduced to a light, neutral palette (white, beige, gray). Sometimes the accent is in some bright color, such as red, kiwi green, black, bright yellow or turquoise.The walls are usually without wallpapers, neutral and bright. Furniture is without special decorations, but it is often massive. Panel furniture is made of solid, thick panels.

Quality is what’s important, not quantity. In this case, it means that one striking painting on the wall is better than few smaller pieces. It is common to use simple black and white photographs. In the modern interior, a combination of textures is also very important. While textiles (furniture, carpets, curtains) have rough weaving, the other surfaces are mostly smooth and with a lot of reflection (medium and high gloss, chrome, marble, granite, glass, mirrors). Lightning is probably the most important detail. No style needs more lighting than a this.

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is defined by three main characteristics: functionality, simplicity, and beauty. The focus is on the light and nature. It integrates perfectly to the smaller spaces in which most of us live. And although the Scandinavian style has evolved over the years, there are certain key factors to it, such as bright floors, white walls, functional design, simplicity and natural elements.

True Scandinavian interiors have bright floors, usually wooden. Because in the Scandinavian countries the sun sets up earlier – the bright floors contribute to a better room brightness. For the feeling of warmth, add the carpet with some interesting design. Choose chairs with wooden details. Upholstered furniture should be made of soft textile, rather than leather. When it comes to wooden pieces of furniture choose bright wooden decorations.

This style comes with the use of decoration rather than built-in furniture, multicolored walls, and colorful materials. Good examples of the Scandinavian decor are interesting chandeliers, colorful pads, glass vases of various colors or white ceramics. If your house looks half empty, you are on a good way!

Scandinavian style is one of the easiest styles to pull off.
Scandinavian style is one of the easiest styles to pull off.

Shabby chick

Although this style implies the insertion of old furniture or decor, it can be very elegant and one of the “classics” that never get old. What makes this decor even more interesting is that It can be very cheap (the bunch of things can be found on yard sales). If you have different chairs – it’s no problem for this style – it’s even desirable. This gives a lot of space for creativity – the only thing that matters is that the end effect is a sleek and nicely fitted space.

Search local shops, for your new shabby chick decor.
Search local shops, for your new shabby chic decor.

Colors with shabby chic style are pastel – from white, through light gray, beige and color of white coffee, to the color of lavender, light pink or light turquoise shades. There are not many strong accents. Everything is very feminine, sophisticated and gentle. The decoration is in the same manner as everything else. – Pastel colors, a lot of handicrafts and “saved” antique pieces, plenty of romantic flowers like roses or lavender, plenty of mirrors and candles. Lightning should be romantic. Crystal chandeliers are must have. 

Industrial (loft) style

The industrial decor takes open concept living to the next level. From the beginning of the last century, when, after a major recession, the plants began to close,  people began to massively convert them into a living space. The main features of these spaces are open spaces and visible elements of industrial plants (bare ventilation pipes, heating). Everything that is hidden in residential areas – here is completely bare. The point is in discovering raw materials – rusty metal, wood, bricks, concrete. Rustic wood and metal are basic materials when the industrial style is concerned. That’s why earthy colors and neutral tones (like all gray shades) that mimic these materials are the basic color of this style in the interior.

Exposed structural elements would be overwhelming, so add softness-infusing decorations. Plush couches, scatter cushions and rugs bring visual balance by contrasting with the industrial features. Plants also bring warmth to the contemporary loft design. When it comes to plants, the bigger the better, otherwise they would be lost in the large space.

Embrace that rustic style
Embrace that rustic style

Spanish style

Spanish design is all about creating an energetic space. The color palette uses earthy tones. The use of carpets within Spanish interior design is very rare. This interior design makes good use of light and space, so try to avoid overfilling your rooms. Aim to keep living areas practical and clutter free.

Furniture should be made out of dark wood. By using second-hand furniture your will achieve a really authentic, rustic look. A distinctive feature of Spanish style is the use of arched doorways and corridors. The wood beam ceilings also play a major part in creating the eclectic feel. The vision of this style is to create warm and intimate interior. Variety of lanterns and candlesticks can add to the Spanish fee of your design massively. These houses are very detailed, beautiful and rich, but they are also very comfortable and casual. Your patio is a key part of creating a home with this theme. Include colorful pillows, a fire pit and plenty of plants and flowers to make a really good Spanish style outside to match the inside of your home.

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