How to find a decent realtor in NYC?

So, the time has come for you and your family to move. And now you are trying to either buy a new property or sell the old one. Understandably, this can cause a lot of headaches, especially if you are facing this issue for the first time in your life. Moreover, you have found yourself in a world of real estate that you do not know much about. Well, let us just tell you that there is no room for panic here. All you have to do is find a person, a real estate agent, who will guide you and provide you with good pieces of advice. Now, all you have to know is how to find a decent realtor in NYC. This is where Price Home Improvements step in to help you out and inform you more about this.

Where to look for a decent realtor in NYC?

There are many ways to get to a real estate agent that will truly be there for you. We will present you some of the easiest, yet efficient ways to do so.

Ask friends and people you know for a recommendation

Given the fact that New York City is a huge area, there is a big chance that you have someone who knows a broker in NYC. Maybe he or she has had a chance to collaborate with some of them. So, ask around and see what they can tell you about it. Ask them what is their experience with a certain broker and whether they would recommend you to work with that agent. If they are generally satisfied, then that is certainly a good sign. See what relevant information you can get from that friend or a family member so that you can create a fuller picture. Of course, let this be just one good indicator and a guideline. However, you should also do your part of a job and do more of a research. A decent realtor in NYC is probably not that far away.

set criteria to find a decent realtor in NYC
Ask people you know whether they could recommend you a good realtor.

Get information from a moving company

Since you are already relocating and you have probably contacted several moving and storage companies in Brooklyn to help you relocate, it is a good idea to ask for a recommendation of a trustworthy real estate agent from them. Most usually these companies collect information about brokers who work in their areas. If this is a case with a moving company you have chosen, then it will be easy for them to connect you with a decent realtor in NYC. However, this still does not have to be your final decision. Just because this broker was good to some of his previous customers, it does not mean that he/she will be suitable for you, too. In order to figure out that, you first need to figure out what exactly do you want. Ask yourself whether you want a broker who takes initiative or lets you take the lead.

Make a list of questions

First of all, when you start looking for something, whether that’s a new home, job, or anything else, you should set criteria. This will be your perfect reminder of what you truly want. Such is the case with a real estate agent. And while you may not know how to find some affordable, but decent real estate, you should approximately know what is that, that you want from your new home. After that, start searching for a realtor who can provide you get what you want.

making a wish list
Make a checklist of your desires regarding a house you want

A decent realtor in NYC takes notes

One of the ways to see if you made a right decision in terms of choosing a good broker is to see whether he really pays attention to what you are saying. If his main concern is to make you sign a bunch of papers, and you don’t even know what they contain, note that he is not someone who fits your needs. You should immediately stop any further negotiations and continue the search. A broker who indeed cares for you will make sure to present you the best options. He will do this according to your wish list and your budget. The information regarding the budget is actually one of the most important details for every real estate agent.

Look for a broker according to a neighborhood

Maybe this sounds a bit unusual, but real estate agents usually operate in certain areas. For instance, if you decide to move to Manhattan or a nearby area, you can hire Manhattan movers on a budget who can make sure that your moving goes without any problems. Then, since Manhattan is your desired area, look for agents who operate here and create a narrow list of candidates. These agents should be familiar with every situation in the world of real estate in Manhattan.

Check the broker’s license

To really make sure you are dealing with a decent realtor in NYC, you need to know if he/she has a valid license. Search for that agent on a real estate website of the state you are moving to. If you manage to find the name and the number and date of the broker’s license, then it is again a good sign. Moreover, the reputation of a company that broker works for is also a relevant information and a piece that will help you complete the puzzle.

an image of a license
Every registered broker must have a valid license.

Attitude matters

You can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she is communicating with you. Also, you can see by their attitude what you can expect from them. Pay attention to these things when you meet your broker. Analyze him well. You will probably figure fast whether he will be able to fight, so to say, for the kind of property you want. You see, the real estate market is very strong and competitive in New York City. Properties go really fast and if you don’t react timely, you might lose a chance to find exactly what you want.

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