Bathroom improvements on a budget

Before you begin with your project  it’s important to know how much money you’re willing to invest. Think about your expectations and reality. If you are ready to redecorate and have bathroom improvements on a budget, you just need a imagination. You don’t need mega-bucks to transform your bathroom into a relaxing, pleasant space. They are plenty ways to redesign this room with our tips for a bathroom improvements on a budget.

Your budget is limited and a basic bathroom remodel is good for you. Do a simple, quick, and inexpensive project.  So what can you do to have bathroom improvements on a budget?  Of course, the costs below are all relative and will depend on a variety of factors, including where you live, how old your home is and what kind of renovations have already been done. Remodeling a bathroom from the 1990’s is a lot different than one built in the 1920’s with mud-set floors and galvanized plumbing.

The basic bathroom update often runs from $3,000 (DIY) to $12,000. Here are some DIY ideas for bathroom improvements on a budget to consider:

Paint the walls

Revitalize your walls with a new coat of paint. Maybe your bathroom is the smallest room in the house but you have to paint slowly and gently around the window, the tub or shower, the switchplates , the wall corners , the sink, the mirror, the toilet, and the floor. Be sure to add painter’s tape around trim and baseboards so colors don’t mix together.  New paint it will be a real refreshment to your walls and it is really easy way to improve your bathroom on a budget.

Pick a color for your wall on a budgetNew paint on your wall is a bathroom improvement on a budget

Add new lighting

Older bathrooms often have lighting fixtures from the 1960s and 70s, so there’s a chance yours are due for an upgrade. Replace old fluorescent and incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LED alternatives.

Update Fixtures

Look at the little details. You can improve your bathroom on a budget:  update light fixtures, sink faucets, towel racks, and drawer pulls for a relatively small investment. These items may seem insignificant, but updating them can make a big difference in your bathroom’s look.

Buy used

You can also save money on fixtures, even toilets and showers, and have a bathroom improvements on a budget  if you purchase them used.  Scour sites which specifically sells home necessities such as doors, mirrors, sinks, toilets, and tubs. 

Be creative!

We bring you great ideas for your bathroom improvements on a budget which will change a look of your bathroom and give it a new look and shine.

1. Find vintage tin cans. Drill the tin cans side by side into a 2 foot piece of old plank. Then, drill the plank onto your bathroom wall. You can store bathroom necessities like toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs and brushes.

Vintage tin cans are decorations for your wall on a budget

2. If you want a fresh look and filter for indoor air toxins – this a great reason to invest in some houseplants. But before you go hanging plants in or near your shower, you’ll want to consider the amount of sunlight your bathroom receives.  The sun is a crucial factor in deciding what is the right plant for you.  According to Apartment Therapy  plants for low-light bathrooms are aloe vera, Bamboo, Begonia, Ficus Benjamina, Heart-Leafed Philodendron etc. Plants for bright and sunny bathrooms: Asparagus Fern, Azalea, Gardenia, Kimberly Fern, Orchid.

Plants filter toxins in your bathroom on a budget

3. The best way for fresh look and bathroom improvements on a budget– put a decoration on your mirror, you can decorate it with flowers, shells, draw your favorite shapes, etc..

Flowers gives your bathroom romantic look on a budget

Flowers on bathroom mirror are improvement on a budget

4. If you need additional storage in your bathroom but don’t want to spend the money installing cabinets or shelving, you can find eccentric pieces at secondhand stores or garage sales. The possibilities are endless, depending on your finds. You can also use curtains to conceal existing storage.

5. If you have windows in your bathroom, they should be covered. You could install interior shutters for privacy at night and sunlight during the day. You could also decorate your windows with fabric curtains. Since window treatments come in various designs, colors and styles, you can find a type to match almost any kind of bathroom decor.

Upgrade your faucet

Changing out the faucet in your sink is a good way to upgrade the look of your sink without replacing it. There are lots of faucets to choose from at your local home improvement store. And they come in a variety of styles and materials.

Test your ventilation

Your bathroom exhaust fan works overtime to keep the hot air moving and remove the steam from your mirror after a shower. It builds up dust and grime over time as it pulls out the hot air, which decreases its efficiency and can lead to mold buildup in your bathroom. You should test the strength of your exhaust fan by placing a piece of paper over it and seeing whether it sticks when it’s turned on. You should clean it thoroughly on a biannual basis with a vacuum hose to get the grime and dust out. In extreme cases, you’ll need to replace the exhaust fan.

Other tips:

– You probably won’t be able to move any plumbing around. But,you could replace fixtures and other materials with stock, off-the-shelf products like you’d find in a big-box store.

Don’t expect to tile an entire bathroom. But, you could do a bathtub or shower area with ceramic tiles or standard white subway tiles.

simply ideas can improve bathroom on a budget

Your imagination is a basis of bathroom improvements on a budget

Bathroom improvements on a budget usually means sticking to cosmetic changes and leaving the major fixtures and walls where they are.  But with our tips and your ideas cosmetic changes can be very powerful.  Simply redoing window treatments, wall coverings, tile and paint, transformation by replacing faucets, drawer pulls and other hardware, such as towel bars will revitalize the room and your improvement on a budget for a bathroom will be considered successful.  And don’t forget the little touches. You’re only limited by your imagination.

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