Facts about the newest Home Improvement Technologies and Trends

Spring is in the air and that means it is time for DIY  home improvement projects, which by industry trends continue to increase this year. Whether you’re a homeowner, builder or contractor, it’s always important to keep up with the newest home improvement technologies and trends. Get familiarized to what improvements will keep your home up-to-date and desirable, Especially as the smart home age is here. There are smart home systems on the market that you should consider looking into. whilst you are planning your next home improvement project.

Whether it’s the best smart Wi-Fi thermostats or smart bulbs to brighten to up your home or top smart wireless home security systems, the choice of tech devices are on the market and are worth serious consideration.

What are the newest home improvement technologies and trends

2017 is all about new experiences and time for advancements. The home improvement and interior design industry have various innovations in the tech sphere. Which should fit it to your plans that you want to implement in your home. In terms of home improvement projects.

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 Smart Home Technology currently on the Market

The home technology was a leading must-have among homeowners last year and will continue to be in 2017. With major companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, and Philips truly embracing the idea of a truly connected living space, it’s easier than ever to begin to set up your smart home. And if we’re talking about the newest home improvement technologies and trends, smart homes are definitely in!

There are already Internet-connected refrigerators, and that’s just the beginning. The internet-connected refrigerator includes everything but the kitchen sink. It has a large touchscreen that lets you view family members’ schedules. It leaves notes for each other, order groceries, play music, and even watch TV.

Additionally, the fridge has three cameras on the inside. They take a picture and email it to you every time you close the door. No more guessing if you need a quart of milk while you’re at the store! Pricey it may be, but this is the most innovative fridge you could find today on the market.

Consumers are gravitating toward such products for their convenience. In addition to just adjusting home lighting, temperature and entertainment, there is a tendency that the Wi-Fi chip will be standard in appliances in the next 10 years

The biggest trend last year was voice-controlled speakers. With the ability to control home automation, with the trend spilling over into 2017. Surely something you’d want in your home if seeking for newest home Improvement technologies and trends.

Incorporating Smart Home Technology in your next Home Improvement Project

If you’re considering a home renovation or thinking about home improvements, it’s a smart idea to include smart home technology! Ifn case you’re looking for the newest home Improvement technologies and trends, keep up with the changes! Smart home technology has come a long way over the last few years. Companies have broadened their product offerings, as homeowners continue to show interest in ways to protect and automate their homes. Companies not only offer video doorbells. They’re adding motion-activated HD security cameras with built-in flood lights, a siren alarm, and two-way talk.

Some smart technologies are worth investing in. But you need to do your research to make sure the products live up to their promises. For example,  GE Appliances’ WiFi-ready models feature a digital assistant called Geneva that communicates with Amazon’s Alexa. Making hands-free communication easy. However, when some tests were conducted on WallyHome, the home sensing solution failed to detect a leak even though the sensor was sitting in a pool of water.

We’re ultimately crossing into the world of the Jetson’s, having a ‘’connected home’’. With a voice-activated assistant, which is predicted to be another big thing in 2017. Amazon’s Alexa, which is enabled in the Echo Dot, acts as a voice-activated interface for many smart home devices. Google Home’s voice assistant launched its device.

Caption note: Amazon Echo VS Google Home

These devices work through activation phrases like “Alexa” or “OK Google.” The devices, placed throughout your home, are always listening in somewhat of a dormant state. Say the activation phrase, and the device fires up and awaits your command. You can ask it to give you the weather or play a song from Spotify. Or dim your lights or power up the hot tub.

Early last year, Amazon opened its platform to third parties. It has since added thousands of integrated features from smart home companies like Lutron, Crestron, Philips Hue, Wemo, Honeywell, Nest, Samsung Smart Home to other services from Uber, Domino’s, NPR and more.

The Must Have Smart Home Devices- According to the newest home Improvement Technologies and Trends

Many homeowners are considering including smart home technology in their home improvement projects. These technologies and devices allow homeowners to control everything in their homes from smartphones or tablets. Popular smart home devices include:

  1. Interior and exterior lighting,
  2. Security systems
  3. Wi-Fi-enabled cameras
  4. Smart WiFi Thermostat
  5. Motion detectors and window-door sensors
  6. Doorbells with cameras and speakers
  7. Door locks controlled from mobile devices

A ton of new smart home devices should be on the market soon and will include new connected appliances, cameras, lightbulbs— even robots and mechanically operated trash cans. One thing in common for most of these new devices will be that are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, Nest’s Protect, and, of course, iOS and Android as well; helping further integrate voice assistant into your home.

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