Best places to start a business in Minnesota

So you want to start a business in Minnesota? Apart from all the legal requirements, you will want to get a good idea on what are the needs and opportunities that arise in this beautiful state. And the Land of the 10,000 lakes has a lot to offer. So, dive in into our guide and find out what are the best places to start a business in Minnesota.

Legal requirements

Starting a business anywhere brings with it certain legal requirements. Going through all the paperwork can be a chore. However, it is unavoidable le. Luckily, the state of Minnesota has made it much easier to do this, by creating a website dedicated to people who want to start a business in Minnesota.

Where to start a business in Minnesota

Depending on what industry you’re looking to start your business in Minnesota, there are several places to pick from. So, enjoy our list and mack your pick out of these incredible places:

St Paul

Being the capital and the second most populous city in the state makes St. Paul a great place to start your business in Minnesota. With more than 80% of its population employed in the service industry, it becomes clear why it is a haven for small businesses. After all, every big city is an opportunity for anyone looking to start their business.  Especially since St. Paul is home of the University of Minnesota. Therefore, opening a bar, restaurant or café is a great choice if you’re looking to start a business in St. Paul. Also, the University campus makes opening a deli, fast-food or a food delivery joint very lucrative. If you have an established business already, you should consider hiring St. Paul moving experts to help you move it there.

St Paul skyline
The capital of Minnesota ranks highly among places to start a business in Minnesota


The second part of the Twin Cities (the first being St Paul) is also the most populous city in Minnesota. We’re talking about Minneapolis of course! Those two facts make it an ideal place to start your business in Minnesota. Due to its history, Minneapolis has become a very important financial center in the Northern USA. This has led to a boom in the financial and commerce industries in the city. Also, Minneapolis is home to five of the Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, the cities reputation as a great place to live and a very developed tech center have brought an influx of young professionals. Finally, being the heart of the Twin Cities metropolitan area means that Minneapolis is extremely well connected. Also, this means that it serves a large urban area.

Minneapolis skyline
Minneapolis offers many great business opportunities

Thanks to this and the cities booming industry there is always need for transportation and logistics services. Additionally, due to its large population, there are always business opportunities for retail and service industries. After all the first mall to open in the US opened in this metropolitan area. It is also the home of the nations largest mall – Bloomington’s Mall of America. All this means that there are good business opportunities here. Considering this it becomes obvious why Minneapolis is one of the best places to start a business in Minnesota. So, if you’re considering moving your business there, we could recommend hiring one of the professional moving services like City Moving and Storage MN to help you with your move.


Originally established to service the states iron ore shipping, Duluth has grown to become an important regional center. Thanks to its location on Lake Superior and close to the Superior National Forest there are many business opportunities to be found here. Ranging from tourism to shipping, Duluth’s access to Lake Superior makes it a great place to start a business in Minnesota. The tourism aspect is especially developed, with fishing tours and scenic natural areas like Palisade Head. It is also a great center of engineering, as well as the home of the aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Aircraft. Additionally, Duluth is known for its start-ups and aquatic science.


This suburban city that lies just 8 miles west of Minneapolis is a developing business hub. Known for its high rate of businesses-per person it is sure to be a great place to start a business in Minnesota. Being close to the twin cities means that it is still a viable option for starting business servicing the needs of the metropolitan area. Additionally, not being based in St Paul or Minneapolis will mean that your business won’t be facing as fierce of a competition. You can still provide services for the inhabitants of the Twin cities too. It may not be smart to open a food delivery service. However, a relatively long-range business, like home or student room decoration service is still viable. Minnetonka is also serviced by the Twin West chamber of commerce, helping its local businesses thrive.

Maple groove

A powerhouse of development, Maple Groove is growing at an incredible pace. Its quick growth is making it a serious competitor for the number one spot for retail square-footage in the state, as it is currently gaining on Bloomingdale in this regard. However, the development of Maple Groove is being closely guided. The idea here is to preserve its status as a cultural and medical center of the northern Twin Cities metropolitan area. Thus, the cities latest project – The Groove, is designed with a central pedestrian area. The idea behind this is to retain a small-town charm surrounded by large retail stores. It is also home of the North Memorial/Fairview hospital complex.

A park in Maple Groove
Maple Groove retains its charm thanks to careful development.

With all this development in mind, there are business opportunities abound. Ranging anywhere from the service industry to a home office business, Maple Groove has a lot to offer. Therefore it is easy to see why it’s one of the best places to start a business in Minnesota

Choosing between the best places to start a business in Minnesota

Reading through this article you probably realized that there are many great places to start a business in Minnesota. The abundance of choice is great as you can establish anything ranging from a bar to heavy industry. Thus we are certain that after reading this article, you are ready to choose between these great cities, and decide where you want to start your business. All that remains for us is to wish you good luck!

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