Easy home decoration tips

From time to time, everybody gets a desire to change something in their home decoration. Living in the same space for years can become dull. If you starting to feel like that, maybe it’s time to spruce things up a little bit. There’s no need for big renovation. Sometimes the simplest decoration tips can make your home brighter and newer. These easy and affordable home improvement ideas will make you love your home again.

Play with your walls

Painting requires a bit of time, and it’s quite messy. If you are renting a home, you have some limitation about changing it. Still, there are excellent ideas on how to redecorate rented apartment, and give it a personal touch.
Walls are a great way to add some color, without the tiring process of painting. You can always put some decorative wallpapers that are very easy to peel off if necessary.

Also, picture frames are another way to decorate empty walls and give them a bit of life. If your walls are white than the sky is the limit. You can choose colorful frames to hang that will brighten up all space. When you put your favorite pictures from the holiday or special moment, that will give your home a character and make a rental feel like a real home.

Use frames as home decoration
If you wish a dash of glamour, white or black frames with black and white photos will give your place a touch of elegance.

Quick and easy wall-hanging  home decoration:

  • Frames with your photos
  • Hanging art pieces
  • Interesting wallpapers
  • Colorful wall stickers
  • Photos of the scenery or nature
  • Interesting plates can also be amazing wall-hanging decoration

Create the illusion of space by hanging shelves

Making space seem bigger than it really is, isn’t such a hard task. Especially nowadays when studio apartments are very trendy and there many small apartment design ideas to draw inspiration from.
Still, a small space and narrow space isn’t the same. Narrow places are a bit trickier to decorate.
However, you can use one very simple trick. A long shelf that can also double as a mantel to display various objects will make a narrow room look a lot wider. And you’ll have the perfect place for all of your displays.

Mirror transform room in an instant

You have probably heard that mirrors are a nifty trick to make any space seems bigger. While that is one of its greatest advantages it isn’t the only one. Since the mirror reflects the light and surrounding colors and patterns, your home will look much brighter and cheerful as well. 

Mirror is a great tool of home decoration.
That’s why getting a mirror is in every home decoration guide.

A rug is great home decoration

Adding a large sisal rug to your space will give your home an instantly modern and clean feel. Shag rug or a zebra print rug will make a bold statement and give some unique to the whole place. Beside, rugs are not just for home decoration. If you’re planning a move, you can use them as protection material. Just ask your movers how to do it. Reliable movers like Winter Moving will gladly explain how to use rugs and the rest of your household in the packing process.

Use the power of pillows

Instead of spending a fortune on the new sofa, just revamp your old one with some new pillows. Pillows are the ultimate home decoration that binds the whole place into one story. If the rest of your home is in the neutral and plain colors, pillows are a great way to add some splash of color. Make your brown catch more interesting by adding yellow, green or pink pillows.

Pillows are great home decoration.
Play with contrast colors and you won’t believe how much improvement to your home that will bring.

Bonus tip: If you wish to personalize your space, even more, order some custom made pillowcases with your favorite photos printed on them.

Change lighting

Good lighting can go a long way in form of home decoration. By changing just one regular lamp to one interesting lighting piece can make the whole difference. You can choose the lamp of the bright color or in some unusual shape and it makes a big change in your home.

Create ambiance with candles

Candles are cheap, and yet very effective home decoration. On many flea markets, you can find amazing vintage candlesticks for only a few bucks. Or you can create your own, simply by putting candles into old jam jars.
If you are a fan of whiskey, the empty bottle of Jack Daniels will make a unique candlestick. Just choose a candle that fits perfectly in the throat of the bottle. In the way that you can squeeze half of the candle in the bottle, while the other half will be outside the bottle. When you light is, the wax will melt on the bottle creating the beautiful and interesting pattern. It will take a few candles and a bit of a time to create the layers of the wax, but the final result will be amazing.

Update your bathroom

When someone talks about the bathroom renovation, complain about the costs is never-ending. Of course, a bathroom that is old and unfunctional does need remodeling. Still, if you have a pretty decent bathroom that you only want to decorate differently, that can be done in a very affordable manner. Simply by purchasing a new shower curtain and towels is enough to refresh your bathroom. If you wish to personalize your bathroom, you can choose a shower curtain with some interesting print. There are even those with the photo prints of the nature that looks amazing and bring cheerfulness to this space,

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