Cleaning Your Home After The Renovation

After a restoration, it will be very challenging to clean your household entirely. The mold and leftover paint are everywhere. The minute construction workers leave, you’re a mess. You don’t know where to start. The best way to do this is by breaking down the work. Develop a strategy and work in sequences. Make sure to start with a room closest to the front door. Then gradually work your way through the other rooms. Cleaning your home entirely, without spending an eternity, may seem impossible. However, there are ways to make house cleaning easy.

Cleaning Your Home After the Renovation: Alone Or With Assistance?

Cleaning your entire home requires working in sequences
Develop a strategy and work in sequences when cleaning your home

There are three ways in which you can perform house cleaning. If you are confident enough you can do it yourself. Think about the size of your home. Do you have all the tools needed? What is your physical readiness? Are you in shape to move heavy furniture pieces around?

In case there is someone to help you, you’re saved. Partner or a family member could be of assistance. There is only one problem. House cleaning can take months after renovation. It is a long and dreadful process. In spite of their love for you, your loved ones may refuse to be a part of this. This is why it can be better to choose a cleaning and restoration company. “North Eastern Cleaning and Restoration”  offers a broad range of services. Post reconstruction cleaning is one of them. The professionals in this field will take care of all the waste and its disposal. Thay can also get rid of mold in your NYC home for you. Mold is likely to appear in homes after demolition or construction work.

How do you know if you need to hire a cleaning professional?

Cleaning your home will take a lot of time and energy
Before cleaning your home on your own make sure you have energy and time

The process of renovating is long and can be quite expensive. Chances are you are now holding on to a very tight budget. Some people do not have enough money to hire a professional to clean their home. Another limiting factor can be time. To get your house and life back, you have to get rid of trash, paint and plastic furniture wraps. You’ll have to move the furniture around. You’ll need to redecorate the house and make it a home. It can be a lot of work if you don’t have any help from experts.

Here is what you should consider before doing it yourself:

  1. How much time do you want to spend cleaning your home?
  2. Do you have the energy and physical strength that it takes?
  3. How’s your budget?

Getting Ready for a home clean-up

You decided upon cleaning your home by yourself. You’re very brave! There is a thorough preparation before doing anything else.

  • Make a shopping list of all the things you need for a proper house cleaning.
  • Have a detailed plan – which areas will you be cleaning up first
  • Activate Google Calendar or Trello to keep track of your daily progress
  • Include rest periods in the cleaning schedule
  • Make a hose cleaning soundtrack to keep you motivated

For a thorough home post reconstruction cleaning, stick to the specific order. If you decide to start from the bathroom, do it. It is usually the best to first get rid of kitchen and bathroom work. It requires the biggest amount of work. Therefore, do it while you’re still in good shape. Later on, your energy and enthusiasm will be dropping. Leave the easiest for the end, when you’re tired. 

Equipment To Use For Cleaning Your Home

Some cleaning equipment you may already have. Every household has a mop, soap, and a sponge. You will need all three. Apart from this, a vacuum cleaner, a bucket, and a floor treatment are basics. Make sure to use anti-slip cleaning liquid formula. A face mask would be good, too. In case of allergy or sensitive skin, make sure to take a proper therapy before you start. Expect dust to be all over the place. But, you can handle it.

Tips for a Thorough Home Clean-up Upon Refurbishment

Renovation projects leave your household a mess. The first thing to take care of is peeling off the leftover paint. You have probably covered flooring, tiles, and furniture. That is the best way to protect these areas from being covered in paint. If the color on the walls, turned out the way you wanted, you’re good to go. Peeling of duck tape and taking off covers from flooring is the next step. 

You’ll want to dust first. This is so that particles could spray around without messing up your polished tiles. After dusting, continue to things like washing the dishes or doing laundry. Leave the flooring for the end, so you can give it enough time to dry. Basically, this is a top-down approach to cleaning your home. Start with the ceiling, dusting chandeliers, and finish with carpets and outdoor patio.

Do not leave out your pet if you have one, and his home. Also, backyard grooming and landscaping is important.

Proper ways to clean the dust

Dusting is found to be the most irritable chore by many. Its tendency to disperse the minute you wipe it off a shelf is the reason. To prevent dissemination of dust particles all over the house, take a wet towel. Afterwards, wipe the surface one more time with a dry one. The dust will be gone for a while.

You can also buy an after-dusting spray to polish the surface and keep dirt away. Areas near computers cables or TV attract dust. Take monitor heads outside before cleaning them. Clean every cable and plug thoroughly. You can try and put a glass of milk near a computer and it will absorb all the computer radiation. This reduces the amount of dust that gets attached to it.

Nobody likes house chores. Renovation can be fun and creative. You can pick wall colors or design furniture layout. But, cleaning home after the process of renovating is a real hassle. Make sure to have a plan, and take your time. Do not push or lift any heavy objects by yourself. To prevent back pain or injury, keep your back straight at all times.

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