Graffiti Decorations – Bring Street Art Home

Looking for something new to do to your place to liven it up a bit? You’re bored of the traditional ‘buy a new vase’ approach? Yeah, so am I. Lately, every apartment or house I’ve been to looks almost the same. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that. If you ever lived in, or passed through, a city the first thing that one would notice and appreciate is the street art. It left such a big impression on me that I wished to bring it to my own home. I was contemplating as to how I could do it, given that I wasn’t on a huge budget and then it hit me – graffiti decorations.

Image of colorful street art that could be your own graffiti decoration
Colorful Graffiti

It may be a bit radical and unorthodox, but it is gorgeous none the less. It is your chance to bring street art home, if you’re a fan of it that is. Mind you, if you like it and other people don’t – who cares? You’re doing it for yourself, not for others. My grandparents were never a fan of what I did with the place, but plenty of my peers were. But what’s most important – I love what I’ve done with the place, my graffiti decorations are absolutely spot on.

Wall Graffiti Decorations

First thing that pops to mind when someone mentions graffiti is a set of spray cans and a canvas (a blank wall). This is very accurate. I contacted a few of my  friends who know their way around a spray can and love their hobby, I gave them a free reign on all the spray cans they need and it was on. While I was making some food they were having their way with my living room wall. First they painted it completely white and then they started doing their magic. First I have to say that the entire experience was exciting, seeing them do what they do. Second, once they were done it looked even better than I imagined.

A person getting ready to draw a graffiti decoration on the wall.
The art of graffiti drawing.

It brought a new dimension into my place. It let my place give an image about me that I liked. I’m a city boy, and I love my city and everything about it. The street art speaks of it in volumes and I wished to bring a piece of that street art home. It tells my guests of where I’ve come from and it reminds me of it, every day. The best part about this type of decoration is the fact that it can tell any story you wish it to tell. Mine is colorful and contains numerous fragments of the city I come from. Yours can be whatever, from colorful motives to black and white. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

An example of a 3D graffiti decoration where it seems like the car is coming out of the wall.
An example of a 3D graffiti.

If you’re on a budget this would be the best way to make a bigger change since the only thing you need to buy are spray cans (around $15 a can).

Graffiti Decorations as a Tenant

So you’d really like to brighten up one of your walls with a graffiti, but you’re a tenant and your landlord won’t have it? Don’t worry, there’s a workaround. There is quite a bit of street artists that express their talent on a canvas, and not a wall. All you need to do is get a big enough canvas! You can make one yourself, almost free of charge. You’d need 4 pieces of wood to create a square-like frame, and some old bed sheets. You put the four pieces of wood together and spread the sheet so that it’s as tight as it can. Nail the bed sheet to the frame and you got your canvas, as big as you’d like it to be.

Your street artists would draw whatever it is that you wanted on the canvas, instead of your wall and voila – you brought street art home! On the good side, this is a piece of art you can bring with yourself to your next apartment whenever you decide to move. It’s cheap, it’s easy and most of all you get your very own unique, one of a kind, decoration that will turn heads. And trust me, it will!

Image of a graffiti decoration drawn on a canvas, a mural.
Example of Graffiti Canvas Decoration

You also don’t have to limit yourself to just one big canvas. You can make numerous small ones and add them all over the room, if this is a theme you wish to go for.

Graffiti Decorations on Accesories

You don’t really have to have these decorations on walls or canvases only. You can use street art on even your accessories! If you have a wooden table, a spray can master can unleash some creativity upon it. You could do it against your bathroom door perhaps. You can even go as far as taking your favorite suitcase and decorating it with a few spray scribbles and drawings. If this is something you consider your style, you could implement it in almost anything and anywhere.

You can further expand the theme of your loft by adding some accessories. For instance, your cocktail shaker can be made to look like a spray can. You could have your cups painted in a street art theme. You can do it light, you can do it all the way, which ever way you prefer. Bottom line is, by decorating in this way your place will become unique. It will have a very specific feel to it, and I’m overjoyed I decided to do it!

Graffiti Decorations Upside

If you were ever to decide upon this type of decor you have to understand that your risk management is minimal. The best part about it is the fact that, at any point, you can just paint over your decoration and it’ll be like it never existed. This means that you’re not doing something that’s permanent – since it’s only as permanent as you want it to be.

But fact of the matter is, once you do it once and see it in your living room, you will never want to remove it again.

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