Guide to eco-friendly Miami relocation

Opting for an eco-friendly Miami relocation is one of the best decisions that you can make. Unfortunately, not everyone is thinking about our planet and its future. Each day we are destroying it more and more, and only a small number of people are doing something to prevent it. When someone is having a relocation, most of the time things that both movers and clients do are harmful to the planet. But, deciding to go green even during the move changes everything. Find some useful tips that you will need for this relocation. Think about downsizing your home, and what materials you will use for everything, as well. Only together, we can make a change.

For an eco-friendly Miami relocation, you should find movers that are big on sustainability

For each relocation, no matter if it’s around Miami, or it is in another state, you have two choices. The first one is to do everything on your own. From renting trucks to packing and loading things. Or, you have another choice, to settle in with expert assistance. Normally when you are experienced and you don’t worry about your moving budget, a DIY option is to be considered. But, when you are trying to be sustainable, and you have no experience at all, hiring movers is what you should do. Since you decided that you want to go green for this relocation, you should also try to find green movers. There are rare, but you can still find them. Discuss everything that you expect and require from a moving company, and together make the perfect plan in which you will be relocated but without harming the planet Earth in the process.

Things prepared for an eco-friendly Miami relocation.
Deciding to have an eco-friendly Miami relocation is the best decision that you can make.

Prepare to declutter your entire home

When the worry about the moving company is done, it is time for another step. As the moving day is getting closer, the number of obligations that you have is also rising. One of the first things that you should do is declutter your entire home. Now, you must be wondering how is this one of the ways to have an eco-friendly Miami relocation. Well, you will understand it soon enough.

The more things you have to pack, not only will your move be more expensive, but you will also make more waste. And making waste is not one of the things you do when you try to be more sustainable. Having fewer things to pack is much easier, faster, and better. Not only for the planet but for movers and yourself too. Later on, you will see this will help you to make your new home more energy efficient, as well.

Make some donations

If you followed the previous step properly and you did declutter your household, now you will understand what changes you will make. You should make a couple of piles for different purposes. Some of the things prepared for donations. There are probably a lot of clothes that you don’t even wear anymore. Or things hanging around your home that you never even use. Instead of throwing them away, it is better to donate them.

For sure, you can always make a garage sale and re-sell them. But the feeling you will have in your heart once you make someone unfortunate happy is priceless. Think about others. There is no need to throw away something that is still in good shape when someone else might need it. City Movers can help you with providing some storage options until you finish with all the donations. This way your home won’t be such a mess. And it will be easier to do the rest of the relocation.

A wooden eco-friendly bag.
Find some bags and alternatives around your home for packing.

If not, you can always recycle

The other pile should be for the things, clothes, and any other item that is not wearable or in function anymore. Once again, making waste and throwing things is not one of the ways how you can have a green Miami relocation. So, you should try to avoid that as much as possible. All these things that we have listed before can be recycled. Recycling is definitely the most important and useful thing that we can do these days.

Ask around or find it on the internet where can you recycle things nearby. There are some machines that allow you to do it manually. The second option is to take your belongings to a recycling center. You can also make some simple decorations for your new home from old and broken things. Just give them another purpose and meaning with recycling, or in this case, reusing.

Eco-friendly Miami relocation depends on the packing supplies

When it comes to packing, that part of relocation is considered the one that is the most harmful. People use a variety of materials that are toxic to the environment, such as plastic, which they end up throwing away. It takes ages for these materials to break down and they do nothing but pollute the planet. To avoid this from happening, you should choose your packing materials carefully. For instance, instead of cardboard boxes, you can use reusable plastic ones that will have a purpose once you relocate to Miami. Also, there is no need to use Styrofoam protection when you can find some biodegradable paper for protecting fragile items. Ask your movers if they offer eco-friendly packing supplies or discuss with them where can you get those.

Woman putting all the plastic bottles into one large bag.
Don’t throw away plastic, recycle it.

Think about the alternatives as well

You don’t always have to buy new packing materials when you are relocating. Especially not if you are trying to have an eco-friendly Miami relocation. Another option that is available is to find some alternatives around your home. For instance, you can use some blankets or even thin linen for wrapping instead of bubble wrap. And you can always pack things in your suitcases instead of the boxes. Look around and be creative. No need to buy things that will end up being nothing but waste.

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