Home decor tips for senior citizens

If you are a senior who needs to change and remodel a home, or you want to make your parents home safer and senior-friendly, then you will need some ideas and tips. Having home decor tips for senior citizens will make your job less stressful and easier. You need where to start, what items are necessary to replace, and what to pay attention to. No matter if you are a senior or you have a senior parent who needs help, this guide will be helpful.

On what to pay attention to when decorating for seniors?

What is essential to have in a home where seniors live? No matter if the home is a small studio or a big family house, senior citizens have particular needs regarding their decor. Many seniors are moving and downsizing from a house to an apartment because they have different priorities and a lifestyle after retirement.

A senior drawing ideas for home decor tips for senior citizens.
Make your own ideas and projects for your home

  • Safety – decorate with safety features especially if they are not fully independent and need medical help. For example, remove area rugs because they can cause a sudden fall. Safety is number one on the list when it comes to home decor tips for senior citizens.
  • Comfort – besides safety, a home must be comfortable. For instance, add sofas and chairs that are low, so they can sit down and get up easily. Seniors should do everyday tasks without problems and difficulties.
  • Aesthetics – don’t forget to make a home pretty too. Choose bright colors, put family photos on walls, don’t make clutter, and remove all the unnecessary items.
  • Layout – make sure t create enough space for seniors to move around the house. Pay attention to furniture arrangement because it is crucial and keep walkways wide and clear, without obstacles.
A home sign.
To make home cozy, it must be safe, comfortable, and pretty

Relocate if the home isn’t safe enough

If a house is too big and has too many stairs, it is not senior-friendly. You can research home decor tips for senior people, but the key is to have a good and cozy home. Also, most seniors want to live near their kids and grandkids or in the warmer area in a senior community. Moving is the best option in this situation, so find moving tips for seniors, choose a perfect home, and start a new life. Sometimes a new home is a must.

Your kids can help moving and decoration your new home or hire professionals to do it for you. It is too dangerous to move and remodel a home by yourself, and after all, you won’t be able to.

Home decor tips for senior citizens

If you need some ideas or you do not where to start, just make a project and your budget for remodeling and decorating a home. Some of the most important senior-friendly home features to add, in order to make a home safely and life easier are listed below.

A senior with a child.
Help your parents decorate their home and make it safer and senior-friendly

Replace doorknobs with levelers

For seniors, levelers are much easier to handle than doorknobs. Put them on every door (the same type). All your door handles should match to look pretty. There are many different designs, you don’t have to choose traditional ones.

Add light

More light and bright colors will help elders move around the house. Dark rooms without enough light can be dangerous for them. Make sure a home has natural light and also, light bulbs and lamps. Especially in the bathroom and bedroom. Play with light and it can be part of home decor.

Fix up the floors

First of all, make sure there are no cords or rugs to avoid falls and injuries. Also, tiles and hardwood are not safe because if a senior falls, they can break a hip for example. One of the safest solutions is to have carpets in a living room and bedroom. They come in different colors and textures, so you have a lot of solutions.

Repaint the walls

Choose bright colors for walls such as beige, white, and pastels. It will open up space and also the room will look brighter and bigger. Also, avoid extreme patterns and choose simple designs. Green color can lower down the blood pressure, lighter colors can improve overall visibility, etc, Also, don’t paint the walls to match the furniture color because for seniors it is safer to have a contrast.

Make storage more accessible

Shelves that are too high, seniors cannot reach. Organize storage to be more accessible as well as shelves in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Add baskets, hooks, and move items from top shelves down.

Wheelchair accessible

Some seniors are not mobile, so having a wheelchair ramp is not an option, it is a must. Have wider doors and hallways and make sure the furniture is in the right place so a senior can move around. Passages should be at least 5.5 feet wide and doors at least 4 feet wide.

Install a stairlift

If a house where seniors live has stairs, many seniors cannot climb upstairs. Consider installing a stairlift, so a senior can have access to both floors. If they are mobile and can climb upstairs, add a handrail on both sides of the stairs, just in case.

Install grab bars

Grab bars should be installed in the bathroom and they are essential for seniors. They are easy to install and can help a lot when it comes to safety and preventing injuries and falls. Grab bars should be in a shower and near the toilet.

Add high-tech security

Hight tech security is not part of a decor and part of home decor tips for senior people, but it is highly recommended, especially for seniors who live alone. Having alarms and security cameras are a big advantage. Elder people cannot fight if someone tries to rob their home, so make sure the house is properly secured.


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