How to stage your Brooklyn Heights property before selling it?

House staging is a new trend that is affecting the housing market. It is a process of preparing your home for selling. The idea is to make your home look its best for potential buyers. It means to furnish and decorate it so that it looks presentable and to make buyers feel like home. If you are selling your home the question soon becomes, how to stage your Brooklyn Heights property before selling it?

Selling in Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is one of the first neighborhoods when you cross the Brooklyn Bridge. The neighborhood offers the charm of a historical New York. With its historical rows of houses, the place has a distinguished feel. It is a place that has both a residential feel and a city lifestyle. The whole area is a mixture of culture and history and offers supreme shopping, dining, theater, and music performance arts. The area is cozy and high end. Selling a property here requires precise planning and staging preparation.

Row of old houses in Brooklyn Heights.
Brooklyn Heights is a historical high-end neighborhood.

The staging process here is usually aimed at pointing out the cozy, historical and cultured feel of the house. At the same time, it requires a professional touch and help. One the sale process is complete, you need specialists to transport your belongings in Brooklyn Heights.

How to stage your Brooklyn Heights property

Home staging is an art form that is aimed at making your home look its best and desirable. The idea is to present your home in its best light, cozy and desirable to your potential buyers. If it can be done only with a fresh coat of paint and a bit of decor. Staging is important because statistics show that staged homes are quick to sell and for the prices that are up to 5% higher than unstaged homes. Staging is also a process that you can do yourself or that you can hire professionals to do. The aim is the same but the expenses and results may be different. So what would be some of the basic steps to stage your Brooklyn Heights property? These include: 

  • Cleaning
  • Decluttering
  • Fixing
  • Depersonalization


Cleaning is the basic thing you should do before you stage your Brooklyn Heights property. It is not just your ordinary cleaning. Everything from your floors to the light fixtures should be spotless. Clean and polish every nook and cranny. Buyers will look at the corners and places you wouldn’t dream of so do your best to clean thoroughly. Also, remove any traces of your pets. Pets are a part of the family but potential buyers may be put off by merely proof of their presence.

A bedroom filled with natural ight.
Make your home as presentable as possible.


Try to streamline your storage spaces. Get rid of all of the things you don’t use. Pack them up and put them into safe units where you can store your household items. It is important because potential buyers do not need to see and experience all of your personal stuff. Also since storage space is at a premium by decluttering you have the opportunity to present all of the space that is believable. Leave at least a third of the space empty to present the available space.

Fix what you can

Clean and wash your carpets to get rid of stains and odors. If it is not possible to replace them, the investment will be worthwhile. If not refinish your floors or get some area rugs to brighten up space. Any damage that you have and don’t repair you should report to the buyers.


The space you use is your own and is filled with your personal stuff and t+details. That is not good when you are selling your home. Try to get rid of all of your personal items. The buyers want to imagine the space as their own so decorate the space neutrally and depersonalize..

Stage your Brooklyn Heights property properly

Staging your property means to visually add to its value. It is a process in which you can greatly increase the appeal of your home and drive its price up. Staging can, however, be expensive. In that case, you should know to prioritize. Stage only the important rooms or stage them first. The statistics show that the most important rooms are the living room, master bedroom, and the kitchen. If you don’t have enough money concentrate on these rooms and stage others if you can afford it. When you prepare your home for staging you should know to try and let the light in. Vibrant and well-lit rooms leave a good impression. Try to open the curtains and let the light in. Also, you cause stronger light bulbs to lighten up the room. You can also rent additional furniture and swap it. Keep your furniture to the minimum to make the property seem more spacious. You can also play with the details and give the property some character.

Use details

Try decorating the living room with flowers and potted plants. Also, use decor and details to set the mood. In the kitchen, use fruit bulbs and, vases and bowls to display some interesting details. Add a few details to the bathroom as well and put out some scented fresh towels to make the bathroom seem cozier and warm. 

Open and light dining room, the one you should get after you stage your Brooklyn Heights property.
Use light and details to make your space presentable

Staging can be expensive but it depends on your creativity and budget. You can do it yourself and save money but it can be a risky move. Try researching and picking up tips for staging online. The other option is to hire professionals that can transform your home completely. With the increase in price that staging can make such an investment can really be worth it. Keep in mind that you can also call U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn to arrange the storage of your surplus furniture and belongings while staging a home. 

Conclusion on how to stage your Brooklyn Heights property

So, staging your property is important and a big selling point. Use these tips and find additional advice to do it yourself. Also, consider hiring a real estate agent that can do it professionally and make your home desirable and sellable.

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