How To Throw A Housewarming Party After The Move

Moving is not an easy process. It requires a lot of planning, preparation, packing, and many other things. This is why people usually celebrate when they finish moving. We can say that it is almost a tradition to throw a housewarming party after the move. How can you organize it? Who should you call? These and many other questions are tied to an organization of a party after the move. So, how can you throw a housewarming party after the move? Let’s check out!

Before you even think about throwing a party, take care of your new home

Well yes, for a successful party you only need a few bottles of wine, a warm indoor place, and a good company. But if you want your party to resemble something other than your average college weekend, you should first take care of your new home.

A bottle alcohol.
If you want to throw a housewarming party, know that it is more than your average college weekend.

Check if anything is missing

Your party can be ruined if you find out that something you own is missing. That can be very stressful, and until that problem is solved, you will probably not be in a mood for partying. Check in your inventory list if anything is missing.

This is why you need to be sure that everything is in its place. If something is missing from your inventory, check with your movers. You can be sure that you will not be missing anything from your old home with a moving company like

Prepare your new home

Before throwing a party, it is important to prepare properly your new home. Unpack first. You don’t have to unpack everything you own, but it would be better if you do. Start by going room by room. Unpack kitchen things into kitchen, bedroom things into the bedroom, and so on. Also, don’t forget to arrange them.

Check if everything is working

You cannot throw a successful housewarming party after the move if you haven’t checked if everything is working in your new home. Check your electric power, check your water supply, and check your heating. It is important to have everything functioning properly. You don’t need this only for the party, you need it for life in general. So, check your machines and your devices.

Clean your home

This one is a no-brainer. Before you even think about inviting guests into your new home, you should properly clean your new home. No one likes to be surrounded by clutter and dust, so put on your cleaning gloves and scrub!

So, how can you throw a housewarming party?

A housewarming party is nowadays a tradition in the US. It is an occasion where the owner of a new home brings their family and friends to their new home, and all of them are having a good time. There are usually no planned activities, other than a tour of the house. But, a housewarming party is not only thrown after the host comes into their new home. Housewarming parties can be thrown when you renovate or remodel your old home. So, if you have been remodeling or renovating recently, feel free to organize a housewarming party too!

Baloons in different colors.
Throw a housewarming party! It will be fun!

Invite your new neighbors

A housewarming party is an ideal moment to present yourself to your new neighbors. Go to every neighbor’s door, and ask them kindly if they are willing to come to your housewarming party. Of course, introduce yourself first. Tell them that there will be food (or snacks) and drinks. Of course, nothing in life is a must, except for two things, and you don’t have to invite your neighbors. But if you want to be respected in your neighborhood, you should invite your neighbors too.

A neighborhood.
Throw a housewarming party for your neighborhood.

Make a guest list

If you want to throw a traditional housewarming party, your neighbors should always be on the list. Also, you can put your friends and even friends of your friends on the invitation list. You can do this if you want to expand your social circle. Don’t forget to call your family too. Family is the most important part of one’s life, so don’t leave them behind! You can even call your realtor and your builders as a final thank you.

Have a theme

This part is not so important. But having a theme will make your party more, how can we put it, amazing? There are many ways in which you can organize a housewarming party. Decorate it as you wish. So, let’s explore some options.

Traditional themes

  • Potluck – you can always tell your guest that you are making a potluck themed party. That means that every guest brings their own dish. This will make your neighbors think that you are a part of their social circle.

Open house – This one is definitely on a more traditional side. You can open your house to your neighbors at a certain time, and your guests can freely roam around your new home, checking the details and admiring them.

Help us out themes

Paint-a-Room theme – This theme should be reserved for your family and friends. Of course, you shouldn’t tell your neighbors that they are not invited, but you cannot expect your neighbors to help you with the paint job. The theme is to get help with painting. So, if you have a wall that needs paint, make a Paint-a-Room theme.

Unpacking theme – Similar to a Paint-a-Room theme, the Unpacking theme is a help-us-out kind of theme. You can ask your guests for help in unpacking. But, don’t forget to have some drinks and some food afterward.

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