Interior design ideas for your new LA studio apartment

Now that you are a proud owner of a LA studio apartment it’s time to do some interior design! This is a great opportunity for you to use your imagination and creativity. Also, it’s a great way to express yourself and make your LA studio feel like home because that’s what it is! 

Interior design ideas for your LA studio apartment

In order to create a functional home in a restricted space arrangement is a challenge. One thing you definitely have to do is think outside of the box! So, here are some of the advice to help you decorate and design your place.

grab sofa and glass table in LA studio
Designing and decorating your LA studio is a fun project and opportunity to express yourself!

Elevate your bed and make more space underneath

If you happen to be lucky and have a small studio with tall walls this is a great solution! All you have to do is elevate your bed platform and make room underneath. Depending on how much you can elevate it you can make compartments and use them as storage. If you can elevate it even higher, you can use the space beneath and create a cozy working or studying area! You can use a ladder to get up the bed or make stairs which could also act as compartments!

Divide your LA studio by using bookshelves

Put anything behind a bookshelf et viola! You have just created a separate area! To make it look more cozy and representable, you can style the bookcase with plants, books, pictures, and items or sculptures that you like! You can also use a shelf with open cubicles. These could be used as storage spaces and they will also let through natural light.

book shelf with TV screen and books in LA studio
Use a shelf like this to divide your studio and still have the sunlight going through.

Cut down appliances

Appliances are important however they might take too much place. Our suggestion is to cut down on those that are not necessary (such as dishwasher – you can use your hands) as this will help you save up a lot of space. Also, when bringing or moving appliances you should work with competent people as this should be handled with care.

Hide the desk in your LA studio when you don’t use it

Another great way to save some space is to hide the desk when you don’t use it. Whether it being a kitchen desk or a desk you use to work or study, this solution is a really good one. We would suggest a kitchen desk since that one is the most common practice to keep it organized and it’s easier to get and install one.

Hiring professional assistance

When it comes to transportation of your appliances and other household items you should reconsider hiring some help. Professional movers like the ones at SOS Moving can help you out with everything and make the entire moving process easy and safe.

Enjoy designing your own place

Now that you have few tips on how to design and decorate your LA studio you should get started! The most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun and make it feel like home.

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