Make your Manhattan apartment feel bigger

If you live in New York City, your Manhattan apartment is probably really small. Even though the apartments in this city are extremely expensive, they are also microscopic in size. So, if you are reading this article, you are probably wondering how to make your Manhattan apartment feel bigger. Well, you have come to the right place because we are stacked with knowledge on this subject. Many of us have the same issue, and only with good advice you can make it happen. You do not want your parents or friends coming to your new place only to find out that you live in a cube! This can make them think that you are not really having the best of time in New York City. Whatever your reason for wanting to make your Manhattan apartment feel bigger, we have got you covered!

View of Manhattan, thinking about making your Manhattan apartment feel bigger
Your small New York apartment can be made to look bigger!


Ideas for your entryway

Even though you live in a very small apartment, there is a slight possibility that you have an entryway. If not, you probably at least have some space next to your door, and you should use it to its full potential. The entryway is usually where people hold their coats and jackets. It is also the space where you put a small table. This table acts as a small space where you put your mail and keys. However, if you live in a small cramped up apartment, there is no room for such a table! Nor for a coat hanger or a bench! Having this in mind, a good idea for your entryway is to have a wall hanger for all your jackets and coats. Using up the walls in a small apartment is a big deal. You will soon see that the wall is the best hack you can get if you want to make your Manhattan apartment feel bigger. Adding a wall hook, and putting up your most used jackets and coats will save up a lot of space. One of these hooks can also be used for your keys.

Another great idea is adding a mirror. A mirror may create an illusion that there is more space than what the actual situation is. It should be a wall hanging mirror of course. This will also help you get the matching coat which is very important in a city of extravagance like New York. Your friends will want to move to NYC when they see your style. For all things related to moving have got you covered!

Entryway space can be added by using the walls

Ideas for your kitchen

Ah, the kitchen. A place of many culinary delights, but a really low amount of space in this type of circumstance! What to do with all those bulky pots and pans? You can’t just put them in your cupboard, because the pots are not spaced efficient items, and you will have a lot of unused space. As mentioned before, the wall is the unsung hero yet again. You can use a wall hook to hang all those pots and pans and save space in your cupboards. Another great idea is adding a pot rack. Its construction looks something like a metal net, which hangs from the ceiling with an adjustable chain. There are small hooks which can be used to hang the pots and pans on the net. A great way to save space indeed!

Another nice idea about saving space in your kitchen is to remove as much utensils as you can. There are many machines that do the same job as utensils but are more space efficient and faster. They do cost more, but trust us, they are worth it! Organize everything nicely, and you will love the result!

overview of Manhattan
Manhattan is known for its small apartments

Other ways you can make your Manhattan apartment feel bigger

The ones mentioned above are something that takes up most of the space in your house. Now we will talk about the rest of your apartment and making it look bigger.


The bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house. It is even smaller if you put a washing machine a bath tub, and a pedestal sink inside. And all of these things are just essential. Now you will probably ask the question how to make more space in the bathroom. One of the ways you can do this is by removing that pedestal sink, and guess what, get a wall hanging sink! The wall really is the boss in this matter. When you remove the sink you will probably need a place to put it. One of the best ways to create room and remove clutter is to rent a storage unit. When looking for storage in Manhattan area, make sure to check if they are climate-controlled, because cold weather can really affect some of your belongings. This way you will have a lot of unused space underneath your sink which can be used for a laundry basket, or a bucket or something. You should also use wall hooks for your towels and other necessities. A great way to make your Manhattan apartment feel bigger.


Furniture can be really bulky and take up a lot of space. If you want to have a sleeping bed and a sofa in your only room, you are going to have a bad time. The best way to combat this is to get a sleeping sofa. This is a kind of bed that is a sofa, but can be stretched in order to serve as a sleeping bed. When you were moving in you were probably able to find affordable assistance for your NYC move. We bet that you would like to have known about the sleeping sofa before your move. Talking about making the job easier!

Using colors to your advantage

Now, just like the aforementioned mirror, this is where illusion comes into the frey. Some colors make the room seem bigger than it actually is. You should experiment with this and see which one fits your room best. Another cool thing to do, is to divide the parts of the room by painting the walls in different colors. For example the part of your room where the kitchen is should have one color, and the “living room” should be of another one. Do not be afraid to experiment! Easy hacks are there to make things better, not to scare you.

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