Moving from Jersey City to a rural area

Moving from any city to a rural area is a very big change. But it is especially big when you are moving from Jersey City to a rural area. Jersey city is full of tall buildings, corner shops, and bars, which is the complete opposite of living in a rural area. Living in a rural area is the definition of a quiet and slow pace of life while living in Jersey City is nothing like that. So if you need some tips on how to quickly adjust, you came to the right place.

When is moving from Jersey City to a rural area a good idea?

Not everyone should live in a big city like Jersey. Retirees, for example, have nothing to do in a big city. It’s wild and loud. It’s crazy out there and it isn’t very safe. There is always a lot of traffic and a lot of people. What people who are retired need is peace and quiet. They need time to relax and free their mind. Being retired in a big city is nothing but a bad idea for many reasons. Number one reason is that it is very expensive to live in a big city like Jersey. And retired people usually don’t have a lot of money. This is the perfect reason to move to a rural area. And you can easily move from NJ to any state with reliable movers. You don’t have to do it all on your own. And you shouldn’t because there are many ways to get hurt while moving. To avoid any injuries it is best to hire movers to help you with moving from Jersey City to a rural area.

An elderly couple having a walk in the countryside after moving from Jersey City to a rural area.
ou won’t enjoy your retirement as much in the big city as you would in a rural area.

What are the benefits of living in a rural area?

Believe it or not, there are many benefits of living in a rural area. Here are just some of them.

Less air pollution

The main benefit of living in a rural area is less air pollution. As there are not many cars and public transport, the air is cleaner. Plus nature is everywhere around you. How could the air possibly be as polluted as in the middle of a concrete jungle such as Jersey City? You can’t move around the corner to get this less polluted air. You will have to move far away from big cities to experience this sensation.

Less noise pollution

Living in a big city means being surrounded by people 24/7. There are always people on the streets walking, driving, talking, yelling, singing. Big cities come with great numbers of people. And that means a lot of noise. Cars and buses probably create most of the noise. That’s if you live far away from the train station. And if you live near the train station, trains will be your worst enemies. That’s why living in a rural area is much better. It’s always quiet there and even if it isn’t you can easily find a quiet spot. So if you are already tired of the city sounds, Bluebell Relocation Services NJ are there to help you move somewhere more quiet.

A person walking down a street in a big city.
Big cities are very loud because of people and traffic on the streets.

It’s much safer

Big cities are known to be unsafe. There are pickpocketers everywhere and if you turn to the wrong street, there is a big chance that you will get mugged. But living in a rural area is nothing like this when it comes to safety. There is almost no crime in rural areas in any state. That’s why even families with small children have been moving from Jersey City to rural areas. People simply don’t want to be exposed to crime even if it means living far away from any city center.

Healthy Lifestyle is what you get after moving from Jersey City to a rural area

A healthy lifestyle is the main part of living in a rural area. And you don’t have to have a home gym to stay healthy in a rural area. The fact that you will be breathing fresh air, walking a bit more and eating fresh food is more than enough for a healthy lifestyle. The best part about living in a rural area is that you can grow your own vegetables and fruits. Depending on where you move, you can grow any type of vegetables and fruits that you like. It’s healthy and cheap at the same time.

It’s cheaper

Everything is cheaper outside the big city. Housing especially. You can buy a huge house for only $100,000 in a rural area but you can’t even purchase a studio apartment in a big city for that amount of money. Even if you are renting a home it is much cheaper to do it in a rural area. So if you don’t have a big income, moving from Jersey City to a rural area might be the best option for you.

A beautiful house.
It is much more affordable to buy a big house in a rural area than a small apartment in a big city.

It is as fun as living in a big city

Not everyone knows this but living in a rural area is as fun as living in a big city. But the fun is much different. Instead of going to Jersey City museums, clubs, and bars, you will be going to local pubs. You will also spend much more time outside with the people you love as the weather in rural areas is mostly nicer, depending on the state of course. Looking at the stars will be your new hobby and birdwatching while drinking coffee on the porch will be your favorite activity. You will just need to take some time to adjust to the huge difference. But once you do, moving from Jersey City to a rural area will be the best decision you have ever made.

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