New and upcoming home improvement trends for 2020

Is 2020 a good time to buy a home? Seems like it is. Recent changes in the real estate market are showing that there is an increase in demand for new homes. Especially for compact apartments and for average size family houses. So, whether you want to buy or sell, you will most likely need to follow the upcoming home improvement trends for 2020 if you are serious about your business.

What affects the upcoming home improvement trends for 2020?

Affording the roof over your head has become a primary mission for the majority of recent buyers. It’s no wonder since the way of life and the living tempo are constantly changing. However, that urgently looking first impression is unsuccessfully masking the emerge of different interior styles. And it looks like some of those stylistic changes will stick with us for a bit longer period of time. Things that have multiple purposes and things that provide certain isolation in our inner oasis are finding their way into our households.

Natural stones

Like building our personal fortress, large stone textures are winning the latest trends. Previous use of natural stones had its flaws because of the limitations of use. However, the development of new technologies allowed us to facilitate all forms and shapes eliminating those limitations. You can have the entire wall or ceiling covered in stone even if you are living in an apartment.

Natural looking stones covering the part of the kitchen wall.
A great way to refresh your kitchen.

Nature and dark wallpapers

Before, placing a wallpaper was not hard at all, but removing it was quite an effort. Luckily, today we have quite a few new types of removable wallpapers. The main benefit of this is that you are finally allowed to experiment without fear of damaging your walls’ surfaces and making additional costs. As for the style, it seems that natural scenery and darker wallpapers with geometrical shapes and lines are leading choices.

Beautiful room with dark and nature scenery wallpapers.
A calming combination of nature and dark wallpapers.

Wide-open space

The space that can serve multiple purposes is becoming a must. Especially in cities where it’s a lot more expensive to get a large home. If you can have a living room, a dining room, and the kitchen in one larger room, then why not? Loft and studio-style is nothing new, it’s been around for decades. Getting rid of the walls and having a wide-open space can be really enjoyable.

Multi-purpose furniture

To have more than one function is not a characteristic limited to rooms. Multi-functional furniture is also wining the latest trends. Their versatility and interesting design are making it appropriate for almost any part of your home. Not to mention the comfort it brings. Also, living in a small space is becoming a lot better with this type of furniture.


2020 will be the year that will follow the unique mixture of traditional and modern styles. When it comes to upcoming home improvement trends for 2020, you can expect to see extraordinary examples of adaptability and minimalism. All of which will be the perfect way to transform the classical styles into something entirely new.


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