How to organize a garage sale before moving

Organizing a garage sale is a great way to cut the number of personal and household possessions before moving. The reduction is helpful since you will have fewer things to pack and transport to your new home, which leaves you with more room in your new house. It may even provide you with enough money to cover at least some of the expenses of relocation, in case your garage sale is a success. Anyway, it is a great opportunity to get rid of all of your unwanted things. In order to start, you will need to inform well about how to organize a garage sale before moving.

Gathering enough information about how to organize a garage sale before moving

Is it hard or no

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how hard can it be. There is a general misconception that garage sales are difficult. Yes, it a lot of work to do, however, when planned correctly they can be a pretty easy and enjoyable experience. All you need to do is invest some time in planning beforehand.

How long does it take

Depending on the number of possessions you are going to sell it can last from one to a couple of days. It also depends if you are willing, and have enough time to do it more than just a day or two. The best days for your garage sale are often during the first weekend in a month. Friday and Saturday are great for it allows you to extend it to the next day.

The best time to set your garage sale

The best time in most cases would be from the late sprint until the early fall. The weather is ideal for these kinds of activities, and people are more willing to spend their time outside.

You may need some permissions

The good thing, when planning your garage sale, would be to check with your local authorities whether or not you need some permissions. Just to be sure there are no restrictions you are not aware of, or any special rules and fees.

Plan and prepare your garage sale

No matter if it is a small garage sale or something bigger there are a few steps when it comes to planning:

  • Sorting out your items for sale
  • Spreading a word about it
  • Gathering enough supplies to get you through
  • Labeling and pricing your items
  • Think about things that are not sold

Sorting out your items for sale

Do a complete check of your possessions. In order to get a clear idea of what you will need to take with you to a new home, think about how often are you using them. It would be a smart thing to sort and group items by similarity and their current condition.

A lot of old stuff to sort out.
Sorting out your old stuff is a prerequisite for a good garage sale.

Spread the word about your garage sale

In a way, the first thing is to tell all your family, friends, and neighbors about the garage sale that you will organize. Make use of social media networks like Facebook and Tweeter. Even local media like newspaper or radio station can be an opportunity for advertising in order to have a successful sale.

Gather all additional supplies you will need

Without tables, you can expect to have a decent display of items you are selling. Chairs are also desirable. In case you have a lot of clothes a garment rack can be very helpful. Not to mention stickers, tape, and tags you’ll need for a valid display of prices on your items.

Price your items

Before you label your items with prices you should separate them in groups. Clothes with clothes, books with books, etc. It is easier both for you and for other people to distinguish them by categorizing this way. Put price labels in a visible place, however, be ready to negotiate. People like to haggle, that is just the way it is.

Deal with unsold items

Whatever is the case for not selling some of the items, and to be real you can’t expect to have them all sold, you can always donate to a local charity shop. Or give them away to your friends and family.

The selling day

Arrange the surroundings

Your selling location needs to be attractive and safe for everyone. Consider there will be a lot of people, some even with kids, so you don’t want some unexpected situations to occur. Deal with all unnecessary and potentially dangerous obstacles in your yard.

Lawn freshly mowed.
Your lawn should always be in a mint condition.

You will definitely need help

Get your family and friends to help you with your garage sale. Inform them about plans and activities they may expect on that day. Have them help you with selling and packing items for buyers, even just to oversee the whole process.

Group tables and boxes

Arrange all your items by type and display them in groups. It will allow your items to be clearly seen by buyers.

Prepare change

Be sure you have a lot of cash on the selling day in order to make a change. The good idea is a mix of small bills and coins. In case you don’t have some already, go to the local bank for they can help you with this.

A pile of coins.
Go to your local bank to get all the change you need for a garage sale.

Get ready to haggle

Be ready to haggle with people. Some will do it just for fun, others might be a garage sales treasure hunters. That is something you will need in dealing with how to organize a garage sale before moving. However, don’t overdo it. Bear in mind that sometimes there is more trouble in getting rid of some items than to give them underpriced.


Talk to people, keep smiling and welcome visitors to your garage sale. Encourage people to feel comfortable. The more comfortable they are the more enjoyable process will be for you. You can avoid some awkward situations but it’s best to stay calm and don’t lose your temper. Even if the situation deserves it.

The conclusion is that reducing the number of items is your primary goal. It will make your moving easy, and if by any means you earn something, then it is a win-win situation. The good thing about knowing how to organize a garage sale before moving is having more space in your new home, and even having some fun on a sale day.

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