Quirky Manhattan neighborhoods for artists

There is a place for everyone on that small island

One of the most famous facts about this city on the East Coast of the United States is that it is divided into five boroughs. Also, one of the most famous, we have all heard of it at least once in our lives, is in Manhattan. Besides being a paradise for businessmen and large companies from all over the world, its uniqueness also attracts artists. There are quirky parts of Manhattan where every artist can find his place.

Once you do, Heart Moving NYC is the right service to call. As an artist, you need experienced support when moving, especially if you are taking some piece of art with you.  You also need people who know the terrain well. Navigating the grid of streets and traffic jams in Manhattan is not easy at all. That is one more thing to think about when choosing between Manhattan neighborhoods for artists. Think about :

  • Lower East Side
  • Greenwich Village
  • SoHo
  • Gramercy Park
Manhattan at night
This city is something never seen before

When it comes to a city like New York, it is very important to explore all options. If you have the opportunity, take a walk through the streets of the neighborhood that you find attractive. Each of us has different priorities, so proximity to certain places is more or less important to us. For you, as an artist, the environment plays a big role. Your inspiration, creation, and presentation of your work will depend on where you are located. It is also important to find good storage, close to you if you need one. For the works of art, you are going to need one with special conditions. The good side of all of this is that you are going to be in NYC, and there you can find easily everything you need.

Neighborhood with a special character

Lower East Side is also known as the Loisaida and it is a special part of Manhattan for many reasons. This neighborhood is particularly attractive to artists because of its history and all the changes it has undergone that have led to its appearance today. It is also interesting because it is placed by the river which gives a special impression and adds to the charm of this quirky Manhattan neighborhood for artists. Throughout history, this neighborhood has experienced a great transformation from an immigrant and working-class neighborhood to the more influential, more famous, and more attractive one, for those with deeper pockets. Due to all the changes, it has experienced over time, today this neighborhood is very attractive both for life and for business, so it can be interesting for artists as well.

Manhattan NYC
There are a lot of quirky Manhattan neighborhoods for artists.

Green District is one of the quirkiest Manhattan neighborhoods for artists

There is no more art-oriented Manhattan neighborhood than Greenwich Village, and that is the truth. Besides being known for being in the heart of Manhattan, right next to the river, this neighborhood is widely known as an artist’s paradise. The bohemian capital is the center and place of founding of many important movements related to art and freedom. Throughout history, this neighborhood has experienced a massive change and has become much more commercial and attractive. Once you see it and feel it you will find a helping hand right away to help you settle in here. When you move in you will fully experience how colorful, funny, and exciting Greenwich Village could be.

Artists’ lofts and art galleries all around

SoHo is one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods for artists in New York City and a place of gathering. This neighborhood has changed in every way. Socioeconomic, political, architectural, and, of course, cultural development is visible in every corner. This is why SoHo is attractive for artists, businessmen, and entertainers. This part of Manhattan is famous for its artist’s lofts on the upper floors of historical buildings. Nowadays, these places have a special price. Large spaces, with large windows through which light penetrates on the very roof of this great city, have become attractive to everyone.

Manhattan neighborhood
Each neighborhood has a different vibe

Find your peace in the heart of the city

In Manhattan, there is a neighborhood that looks like a small and fenced-in private park. An artist often needs a bit of peace and quiet to collect impressions and experiences, but also a place where some new inspiration will wake up. If you are looking for something like that, Gramercy Park should be your new address. Besides being attractive to artists, it is also perfect for families who often move to this part of the city. The only thing that can be an aggravating circumstance, as in any other part of New York, is finding an apartment. However, with a well-chosen real estate agent and a few pennies to spare, finding an apartment in Manhattan doesn’t have to be an obstacle.

Finding the most interesting and quirky Manhattan neighborhoods for artists could become a real adventure. During your search, you will become aware of how magnificent this city is and you will, definitely, fall in love with New York City. Each street can surprise you with something new. The fact that different people from faraway parts of the world gather in this place makes the whole experience of getting to know this city even more interesting.

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