Quirky Manhattan neighborhoods for artists

Find the perfect Manhattan neighborhoods for artists

With a little effort and will, every room can easily find what it needs for a happy and fulfilled life. Finding an apartment in a supportive environment is half the battle. This is extremely important to all people who are involved in any kind of art. They need constant creativity, a place where the whole world can see what they have created, they need to be surrounded by people who understand them. The only place in the world to which everyone flocks and where different people, with different desires and destinies, intertwine, is New York. The whole world gathers in this city for numerous reasons. It is the center of world business and entertainment. Because of this, it is very colorful and unusual, which is why we’re talking today about Manhattan neighborhoods for artists.

Interior Design Trends in NYC

Nowadays there are so many things to consider when designing your apartment interior in 2021. Following interior design trends in NYC for the trendy look and feel of your home is one thing. Another is to set up your living space for eco-friendly apartment living and maximizing space to make it multi-purpose. As we are living in a digital age, it is important for many for their living space to be stylish and modern so that any social media posts or self-promotion for the online presence of your business looks and feels great. Not to mention that we are visual creatures and want to feel happy and relaxed as we look around our space! Here are some starting pointers on creating this kind of space in your NYC apartment.

A white mattress and bedding on a light wood pallet with a big house plant
The trends for interior design in NYC focus on calming, natural colors.

Themes for interior design in NYC

Interior Design themes in NYC are the lead for trends around the world. As the world has seen big cultural changes in the last few years, so have interior design trends. Many fashion and cultural trends have seen the pendulum swing back to things we previously considered out of style. The 2020s are seeing a turnabout from minimalism back to maximalism. Greens back to blues and sleek, ergonomic furniture designs back to vintage, traditional pieces.

Interior color themes in NYC

Popular color schemes in NYC can go one of two ways. There has been a rise in the popularity of mid-century accents paired with a maximalist approach to vintage furnishings. This has resulted in trends of accent colors not only on the walls but in furniture pieces such as settees, ottomans, and kitchen cupboards. Painting your kitchen cupboards a big “popping” color such as a deep navy blue or mint green is a staple of interior design trends in 2021. This pairs well with gold accented pieces such as lamps or side tables for living areas or white subway tile and neutral grey tones for the kitchen.

If bright colors aren’t your thing, however, don’t worry! Thanks to celebrity homes such as Kim and Kanye’s famous “gallery-like” interior, neutral beige tones are also in vogue. These light browns can come in the form of light nordic-style woods and stone/marble furniture. These themes pair well with neutral greys and a perceived presence of nature such as lush greens in the form of big plants.

A biege and cream settee with a wicker ottoman and rug and gold side table
Wicker is way to bring neutral tones to your NYC living space.

When it comes to plants – the bigger, the better! And 2021 has no time for small potted shrubs in your home. To follow interior design trends, pick plants big enough to be small trees to give your home a natural forest feel. Big plants and lots of smaller accent pieces can be tricky to move, so when planning your space make sure to be prepared and look at sites like tiktokmoving.com to hire professionals to move your pieces for you.

Essential pieces to follow interior design trends in NYC

Maximalism has made its comeback for NYC interior design. This means a nice collection of vintage, traditional pieces is the way to style your home, but what does this look like? When pairing neutral tones with natural elements, keep in mind textures of macrame, rattan, and wicker and when choosing plants – go big. Natural light is also essential in this type of setup. It highlights the breezy feel of the style and provides indirect sunlight which is essential for your house plants. Adding mirrors is a great way to extend the indirect sunlight throughout your whole apartment to make sure it reaches your plants. It is also a great way to make this subtler style look more maximalist without taking up too much space. Careful mirror placement behind your favorite pieces can make it look like more items are filling the space!

A globe, vases and some other decorative items on a shelf
Maximalist furnishings can include any pieces that feel right to you!

Maximalist pieces to consider when designing your NYC apartment interior

If you go for the brighter, color-popping, mid-century look, lots of small vintage pieces and furnishings are the way to go. There is an interior design trend within this style to furnish your space with legs. Traditional-looking spindly legs and anything with similar line composition is the way to go.

Pieces to include in this Interior Design Trend:

-Bar Carts – a perfect option for interior design trends in NYC specifically

-Canopy Beds – the poles mimic the same shape and help fill out the room

-Free Standing Tubs – not every apartment in NYC can fit a tub, but if you have space, pick one with legs!

-Legged Dressers and Vanities – as opposed to dressers and vanities that sit on the ground

-Small Coffee and Side Tables – another great way to fill out a room!

A bright blue accent wall with lots of Nordic-style, light wood furniture
Blue accents and lots of legged nordic-style furniture in a key interior design trend in NYC.

Maximizing space for multi-purpose use interiors in NYC

Maximizing space in New York City is vital to the lifestyle. But don’t worry – you can still have all your favorite pieces and follow the maximalist interior design trends if you learn to use your space right. Pick storage pieces that match your chosen aesthetic, such as a chest of drawers with spindly legs. This brings flavor to your space and hides anything that doesn’t match your designs. It also provides vital storage for your belongings! Think about ways you can add to your space in practical ways such as adding cheap and easy storage upgrades to your NYC apartment.

It is important in 2021 for many for your living space to be multi-use. This means your living room can be used for indoor activities or promotional photoshoots or social media content creation. It also means you need to become a pro at storing your belongings – as many NYC apartments barely have room for both! Mastering storage means working smart at every level when moving. First of all, if moving to NYC from outside the city, you may not be able to take all your belongings with you to your apartment. In this case, make sure you have additional space for extra pieces that you can access when needed. When it comes to the interior of your apartment, try to create storage spaces in places you wouldn’t use for anything else. This could be in the form of shelves on your wall or baskets that slide easily under your bed.

A wooden nordic-style cabinet next to a large bird of paradise house plant
Neutral tones paired with large house plants is trending in interior design in 2021.

Following interior design trends in NYC is easy

NYC is at the forefront of art and interior design trends. As long as you pick out pieces you love, you can make your space look amazing! Don’t forget to have fun with it and don’t shy away from big colors if that’s your thing!

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