Everything you need to know when renovating your vacation home

Owning a vacation home is a dream, no matter where it is located – on the beach or on the mountain. But, like your primary home, it needs to be remodeled and redecorated. What is your style, what you need to replace, what to know when renovating your vacation home, and is it worth it?

Tips for renovating your vacation home

Renovating your vacation home can be fun, exciting, and at the same time exhausting. You need to create a project, a budget, hire professional contractors and in the end, it is time for cleaning your home after renovation.

Making a project for renovating your vacation home.
Create a floor plan for renovating your vacation home and make a small paradise where you can relax

Take your time

Time is on your side because it is not your primary home. Focus on one thing at a time, don’t remodel a bathroom and a living room at the same time. Choose the schedule that fits best, create a renovating budget, and create a project. Some things to consider are:

  • What room in your vacation home needs the most work (and money)?
  • What should be the last on your project list and what is not that important?
  • And, what should you renovate first?

Consider hiring professionals

For major renovation projects, you will need professionals. A professional construction worker will know what needs to be replaced and how to do it (unless you are a construction worker too). If you are considering living in your vacation home for a longer period of time, you should move some of your items with you too. Leaving NJ and getting your belongings to another state also requires hiring a company that can transport all your items safely.

Consider getting a loan for home remodeling

Renovating a vacation home is not cheap and if you don’t have enough money, you should consider getting a loan. You can pay it back by renting your vacation home for example. That is how most vacation homeowners do.

Renting a storage unit while remodeling a home

Where will you put all your items while remodeling your vacation home? To keep your items safe you should rent a temporary storage unit. One of the companies that can transport and store your items in their storage units is All Season Movers NJ.

Renovating a bathroom.
While your home is under construction, keep your items on the safe place

Must-have upgrades in your vacation home

What are some of the most important upgrades for your rental property and what to do first? Where to start? The project will take time and money, that is why you need to be fully prepared and organized (not only financial). Some of the most important spaces in your vacation home are the kitchen, bathroom, and exterior. SO here are some trends and ideas.

  • Kitchen renovation – even the minor kitchen upgrades can be helpful and they will make a big change. On the other hand, it is a well-known fact of how kitchen remodeling can be expensive but you can organize transporting your kitchen table and other furniture to your vacation home and save money. One of the hottest renovation trends is to add smart home technology. Imagine you can turn on your coffee maker via smartphone, so you don’t need to get up of the bed. Enjoy your vacation!
  • Bathroom – with a beautiful bathroom, your home will stand out. That is why you should give your bathroom a makeover when renovating your vacation home. For example, add heated floors (if your vacation home is somewhere cold), put a jacuzzi, or a beautiful hot tub. replace towel racks and shelves, etc.
  • Renovating the porch – spending time outside, drinking your favorite drink on the porch while reading a book is a real vacation. That is why your porch needs to be renovated. That is the point of a vacation, to enjoy. Finish floors on the patio and if your home is on the beach, add beach house decoration and make it authentic.
Chairs on the patio.
Work on the outside of your home as well as in the inside

What to renovate if you want to rent your vacation home

Normally, you will spend a couple of weeks (or a couple of months on top) in your vacation home. Share your small part of paradise with others and at the same time, you will have a financially benefits from renting a vacation home. With that money, you can renovate and decorate your vacation home even more or pay for a loan. Warmer places on the coast are more popular for investing in property because there are more tourists. Choose one of the best Florida towns for buying the second home and make a business from it.

On what to pay attention and how to renovate your vacation home if you will rent it? Here are some tips that may help you.

Think like a guest

When you are going on a vacation and need to book a room, what is important to you? Which features to add and what to remove and replace? Make a plan for how to attract more clients. Small changes are important too. For example, work on small window cracks and torn carpets, it won’t look great at the photos, so people won’t rent your vacation home.

Renovate the exterior

For vacation homes, the exterior is important, especially the porch – making a good first impression is one of the most important things. You don’t need to spend a ton of money, but it should look decent and appealing. Add a table and chairs, clean up the yard, add some flowers, etc.

Focus on bathrooms and bedrooms

If you want to host guests in your vacation home, bedrooms and bathrooms need to be in great shape. It is a priority when renovating your vacation home. People are there to relax and enjoy, that is why you need to focus on these rooms.


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