Simple home improvements for pets

Your home is your sanctuary. You adjust everything there according to your needs. But what about your pet?  Is your dog having trouble going to the yard on his own?  Maybe your cat is getting bored because it has nowhere to climb. Statistics say that 68% of American households own a pet but how many homes are adjusted to their needs? Read the following lines and discover some great home improvements for pets to improve your best friend’s life.

Home improvement for pets – dog version

Around 70% of all Americans owning a pet have a dog. Dogs are considered to be our best friends. Although there are many dogs that live outside of the house there is also a large number of dogs that live indoors.  If your dog lives inside you should think about making some home improvements for pets to match your companion’s needs. Try to make your dog’s life as best as possible and the quality of your life will drastically improve. There is a lot of affordable home improvements you just have to try what fits you the best.

As you probably already know, dogs are very active and need a lot of exercises. Long walks are required and if you’re not that into long walks you’re in trouble. So what can you do if you are somehow prevented to walk your dog regularly?  Maybe you should consider installing a dogs treadmill or the simple pet door will do.

Dog in the camera display
There is a great way to make sure that your dog is behaving when you’re not home – and they are some great home improvements for pets.

Here are some of the best home improvements for pets that will also improve your life:

  • Pet door. The most popular home improvements for pets, if you own a backyard.
  • Dog cameras. For spying on your best friend.
  • Dog eating station. Dogs are messy eaters.
  • Dog Treadmill. Walk the dog while sitting on a couch in your home

Install a dog door

When you own a dog and a backyard a pet door is a must-have. Why should you bother every time you want to go out? Installing a pet door is not an expensive project at all. Prices range from 25$ for simple flap door for small, and around150$ for medium-sized dogs. Of course, if money is no concern you can choose to install automatic pet doors with prices up to 2800$. Either way, the goal is to allow your dog to go outside without your help. Provide your canine friend with the door of his own and he will love you even more.

Door is waiting outside glass door
Install a dog door to avoid leaving your pet outside waiting.

Buying a clever dog camera

If you are wondering what is your dog doing while he’s home alone buying a clever dog camera. When your dog is alone for longer periods of time he can get nervous or frightened. The clever dog camera enables you to see how he’s doing. Besides giving you the possibility to see the dog, dog cameras nowadays enable you to talk to the dog. You can even give him treats. Just open your phone app and connect to your camera live. Some animal behavior experts are concerned about using this way to talk to the dog. A dog can get anxious or excited after hearing your voice so please be cautious when using this feature.

Clever dog cameras have lots of features, some of them are:

  • 360-degree lenses
  • Moving and barking sensors and alerts
  • Two-way communication microphone
  • The two-way video, so your dog can see you
  • Soothing scent dispenser
  • Treat dispenser

Prices range from 30$ for a small HD camera with built-in movement sensor and a microphone for two-way communication. You can purchase a quality camera with two-way video, feeding and calming scent for $320. Consider buying one for your backyard also and watch your dog while he plays outside.

Dog feeding station

When dogs eat things can get messy. Feeding bowls lying around the kitchen floor are not a pleasant sight to see. Getting a dog feeding station can be a solution. There is a modest selection of feeding stations on Amazon. Sometimes it is better to build something rather than buying it. If you’d like to have a dog feeding station that matches your kitchen design, for example, build it yourself. There are many good tutorials on the internet on how to build a custom dog feeding station. This is a simple DIY idea. Bowls will be fixed and you can have small storage under them to place food bags and other items. Besides having all things sorted in one place, higher bowls can help to relieve the pressure on your dog’s neck.

Buying a dog treadmill

Besides taking your dog for a walk, treadmills are the best way to exercise your animal friend. Although they don’t come cheap, maybe you should consider getting one.  Especially If you don’t have the time or you have some other issues that are preventing you to walk your dog regularly.  Prices are from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, but sometimes it is the only solution.

Home improvements for pets – Cat version

Second favorite animal pet in the US is the cat. Cats require a totally different home setting than dogs. Cats like to climb, scratch things, hunt, sleep and eat. Not in that particular order. These days, people are transforming their houses to meet their cat’s needs without disturbing their own space too much.

Home improvements you should think about if you own a cat:

  1. Climbing platforms or shelves
  2. Scratching post
  3. Cat tree tower

Build a climbing platform for cats

Building a climbing platform for your cat can significantly improve the atmosphere in your house. You will be satisfying your cat’s needs for observing its surroundings in search of prey or predator.  Another benefit of providing your feline friend with a climbing platform is that the cat will spend its time high. There will be fewer situations when you can stumble on your animal.

A cat that has no place to climb can’t feel like it’s living a life as nature intended.  Depending on your crafting skills you can build platforms like bookshelves, this can be a useful idea for using your wall space. Topped with carpet this simple home improvement can be a cheap and quick solution.

Scratching post for cats are great home improvements for pets

Provide your feline with a place to use its claws. It will stick its claws somewhere. If your home doesn’t have a scratching post something else is going to get ruined. This is a small but very important home improvement for cats. It is very easy to build, with some rope, a few pieces of wood and some nails.

cat climbing a tree tower - one of the best home improvements for pets
One interesting home improvements for pets is a cat tree tower.

Buy a cat tree tower

Tree tower for cats can be an all in one solution for your furry friend. A place to climb, sleep and scratch.  They can be a little tricky to make but if you think you have the skills go for it. Because it can be complicated to build and the prices on the internet are low maybe it’s better to buy one.

As you can see, making some simple home improvements for pets can be very easy and rewarding.  Don’t wait; start making some home improvements for your pet today. Be creative and come up with your own ideas. Anything that could improve yours and your pet’s life.

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