Staging ideas for your Mississippi home

When selling a house you will want to maximize its value. There are several ways to do it and many staging ideas for your Mississippi home you can easily apply. You can do it by yourself as a DIY project, or hire professionals to do it for you. But also, a home staging can be done virtually! Either way is good, and but they require some time and money investment.

Why it’s important to stage a house

Playing up your home strength can raise the value of it and sell the place much sooner. We know that money is the deciding factor when it comes to affording a house, but people often underestimate the power of first impressions. When deciding on a house to raise a family in or start a new life, people want to have every fantasy fulfilled.

bright white dining room with red carpet as one of staging ideas for your Mississippi home.
If your house offers a majestic outdoor view, make sure your potential buyer notice it

That means that if they find some house by their standards and above, they won’t hesitate to put in some extra money to have it. Staging a house is like putting some makeup on. Enhance the good attributes and hide the weaknesses!

Put yourself in buyer shoes

If you were looking to buy your dream house, what would you be into? Of course, you like every other person have a subjective answer to that. But when it comes to potential buyers, you want to leave them some space for imagination.

And by that, it means you should depersonalize from your house staging as much as possible. The future homeowners don’t want to step into someone else’s lives. Especially with visible memories reminding them the house they’re buying was the end of a life chapter for someone else. That’s kind of depressing and demotivating.

Cleaning the space

And by cleaning I don’t mean just regular cleaning which goes without a saying. Your home needs to show its best features, so avoid having too much stuff laying around. Having a lot of furniture in the room might distract the buyer. Therefore, it’s important to do some packing and temporary storing your things. When it comes to moving and packing, local crews in the area can help with that. Get rid of everything unnecessary, and have in mind that the buyer will look everywhere in the house.

white flowers in a vase is one of staging ideas for your Mississippi home
White is a safe, neutral color. However, adding some colorful details like flowers will make a difference

So, making big storage in one of the rooms won’t do. Everything needs to go. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire professional help to do the packing, it’s important to clean everything up after that. Doing a thorough cleaning gives a “brand new” vibe even if your Mississippi house is a bit older.

Let there be light!

There is nothing more refreshing than recently painted walls. The best thing would be to go with white or bright pastel tone colors. Avoid darker pigments or colorful walls at all costs. Brighter tones give more light to the room, and that’s very important when it comes to first impressions. If you have some good drapes, they can stay purely decoratively, but the windows need to be sparkles and the room aired and light.

Apply staging ideas to EVERY part of the house

It’s not just the living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. Every part of the house requires staging because it’s all in the details. There are some staging ideas for your Mississippi home that will much improve the looks before the viewing:

  • You won’t have to bake cookies and play on buyers’ memories as we see in some open houses. Simple fresh flowers will do the trick.
  • Adding up a chalkboard in the kitchen can be quite charming and useful for grocery lists or leaving notes to your family
  • Pay special attention to floors! They will most likely need a repair or at least some waxing! Keeping them shiny, and adding a few smaller rugs will give the living room a warmer look
  • When it comes to bedrooms, anything other than show-white sheets and bedding is unacceptable. The most important thing is to keep it neutral, 5-stars-hotel-like
  • Use the empty space. Some neutral wall hangings, cute shelves, or mirrors will give some spark to the room. But be careful. You don’t want to overdo it
Man and a boy cleaning the wooden floor
If you can’t afford professional help to do your floors, make sure to clean them properly and use some waxing to refresh the shine

Some exterior staging ideas could help you with the often underestimated first impression

The architectural style and the exterior of your home is the first thing someone notices. As we know, Mississippi has some outstanding house types. From Victorian, Greek, Gothic, Romanesque Revival styles to Federal and Vernacular architecture, The Magnolia State can offer some amazing choices. But no matter the type, it’s important to keep a presentable outdoor look. Repainting a whole facade might not be the cheapest thing to do. It requires some investing.

However, the next best thing is at least refreshing doors, windows, trims, fences, and other woodwork and metal details. That way, your house will look a few years younger. But have in mind that cleaning, lawn mowing, and keeping the yard presentable is crucial. And if you can afford some small landscaping DIY projects, that would be amazing.

Staging your Mississippi home should be market-oriented

If you’re selling to some families, your house should give a cozy vibe. But that might not be the case with younger buyers who are more into the minimalist look. These things depend on your house’s architectural style as well. Don’t modernize historical-style houses.

It looks odd and gives up a strange tasteless vibe. It wouldn’t harm to do a little market research and compare the prices with your home estimate value. You will most likely find some similar style/size houses with quite different prices.

Save some money on the move as well

Hiring local movers for long-distance relocation will help you save up some money as well. Professional and specialized teams can assist with this in order to make the process stress-free. That way you can dedicate your attention fully to applying staging ideas for your Mississippi home.

woman in gardening gloves potting plants
Working on your yard or porch decoration can be a fun DIY projects and yet give some outstanding results

Whether it comes to local or long-distance residential moving you need to have reliable professionals taking care of your move. With experts found on, you can be sure to have your relocation done in no time.

The level of staging your house will depend on the amount of money you plan to invest in it. Most of the things you can do on your own. However, you don’t want to go overboard. The safest way is to focus on the designs that would appeal to a wide range of buyers. Using some home improvement tips and staging ideas for your Mississippi home you’ll give it a new, amazing look. It will make you wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

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