The best way to prepare your Texas home for winter

Saying goodbye to summer is quite hard. And it is even worse when you need to prepare yourself and your entire home for a strong and long winter. No one likes these obligations, but they are necessary. So, the sooner you start with them, the better. Preparing the home for summer is much easier, but sometimes getting ready for the winter can also be fun. Usually, the warm and cozy atmosphere is the thing that fixes everything. Now, we prepared a list of things to follow to ensure you do everything correctly. We believe that the best way to prepare your Texas home for winter is to do things one by one over the course of several weeks. So, let’s get started.

First, you should start packing summer things and getting winter things out

Even though you are sad and depressed that the summer season is over, you cannot procrastinate. There are a lot of things to do and think about, and you need to get yourself in order. Now, you should start simple. The first week of your home winter preparations should be about swapping all those summer things and clothes that are out for the winter ones. And this time, instead of taking up unnecessary space in the attic or in the basement, you will need a unit with special conditions. And that is a climate-controlled storage unit. Luckily, there are a variety of companies out there offering such units, meaning you’ll be able to choose one that suits your needs perfectly.

Climate-controlled storage is needed if you want to keep your items in the same shape and without any damage until the next season. Some things are sensitive to moisture, dust, and many other things. That is the reason why, if you want them safe, you need this storage unit. So, learn how to pack each item because soon enough, you’ll be transferring them to the unit.

Winter home covered in snow during a sunny day.
You need to figure out what are the best ways to prepare your Texas home for winter when it is still warm outside.

Don’t forget to check the heating system and clean the chimney

Cold winters mean that you need a good heating system in your home if you want to get through it. There are many types of heating systems and almost every household is using something different. It’s important to mention that all those different heaters are cleaned and checked in different ways. So, the most common one is the air conditioner. There are almost no houses without them these days. You need to open your AC and clean it thoroughly – inside and outside – to make sure no dust is in the vents. If you have some heaters that need water or another type of fluid, make sure that you refill them and control them.

If you are using wood to get warm, the process is a little bit different. First, you should have a chimney sweeper clean your chimney. Then, you need wood. Buy enough of it to last the entire winter if you can. If not, buy as much as you can. Chop if needed and store it in your garage, basement, attic, or elsewhere.  Furthermore, you might want to check if you need some budget-friendly home improvements, especially around the heating system.

To prepare your Texas home for winter check your water pipes

If you live in Texas and you don’t check your pipes before those extreme colds, you will regret it. Pipes tend to freeze, or even break in some moments during winter. That is why you need to make sure that all the pipes are healthy and ready to survive. Since pipes are a sensitive matter, we advise you call a plumber. Let them check the entire home twice just in case they missed something. And if you need help transferring the items to the storage unit that we’ve talked about earlier so that you can clear the way for the plumber, remember to contact Heavenly Moving and Storage, among other companies, and see if they can help you do so.

Starting from chimneys is one of the best ways to prepare your Texas home for winter.
Cleaning chimneys on your own can be dangerous, better reach out for help.

You need to prepare your garden and outside furniture if you have any

It must be very beautiful and peaceful to enjoy summer in your own garden. Well, to be able to do the exact same thing next summer and spring, you must secure your plants and any other installments. Also, if you have outside furniture, a lawn, or a patio, you need to secure and seal them as well. You don’t want winter to destroy them. If it does, you will spend plenty of time and money on repairing everything. Not to mention how much work fixing your garden after winter because you didn’t prepare it can affect you. Use this situation to make your home eco-friendlier. This is a good time to become more sustainable. And you will be ready for the spring.

The best way to prepare your Texas home for winter is to be ready for snow

When you wake up one morning and everything is under snow it can be too late to remove it fast. You should know when to expect it and you need to prevent snow from blocking your home or driveway. Also, you should think about vehicles as well. If you don’t have an indoor garage, be aware that you will need antifreeze. If you don’t cover your vehicle with it, you won’t be able to open the doors and use it at all. Also, put some salt and things that can help with melting the snow. Sometimes, you can put up barricades. If you can improvise, do it. Remember to prepare brooms, snow shovels, and all other snow removal equipment you normally use.

Nice family home with a winter garden.
You will have to prepare your garden as well.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need some

Dealing with all these chores is not easy. In fact, it can be even frustrating. That is why if at any moment you need help from anyone, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for it. The best way to prepare your Texas home for winter won’t mean anything to you if you do everything on your own even though you are insecure. Reaching out for help can prevent damage to your home during the wintertime. So, think about that.

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