Tips for moving large and heavy items

Moving is never easy, because you have to think about many things, from the organization of the move to hiring the right moving company. When it comes to moving stuff from one place to another, heavy and bulky objects can be such a headache. So, how can you do it, what should you know about it, and where should you start? All of this will be explained in today’s article – Tips for moving large and heavy items. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Tip 1: Try to find a moving company that has a storage solution

Moving large and heavy items into a storage.
Moving large and heavy items without the right storage solution can seem impossible.

The main thing when it comes to moving is to find a reliable professional moving company. It would be better if that moving company has a storage solution. Try to find a moving company that has many moving options for you. If you have many heavy and bulky items with you, you should try to find a moving company that has the right storage solution for you. Why is that important?

Well, not having the right storage solution means that it will be almost impossible to move to another location if you don’t have a place to store your things first. You’ll need the right storage solution, especially if you have a lot of large and heavy items. So, try to find a company that has a storage facility where you can store your stuff. That way you don’t have to sign two contracts with two different companies, and also your move will cost you less.

Tip 2: You’ll need to have some moving materials

When you’re organizing your move and when you’re making a list of all the things you should get your hands on, you should consider buying some packing materials and some materials for protection. Moving materials large and heavy items are different than materials for smaller stuff, and usually, they are quite budget-friendly. Here is what you’ll need:

  • plastic wrap
  • packing tape
  • crates

Tip 3: Packing and moving large and heavy items

Packing large and heavy items is different than packing small items. But not all of the large items should be packed in the same manner. Some items are more fragile, some are less, and some items have a higher value than the others.

Packing non-sensitive large items

Those are easy to pack. The only dangers when packing them are physical injuries and damaging the floor or the walls. So be careful when you’re handling large and bulky items. The items we’re talking about are items like fridges and cabinets. You can start by wrapping them with a plastic wrap. Or you can wrap them with packing tape. After that, you need to get your hands on some crate. Crates are not necessary for those kinds of items though.

Piece of wood.
If your table doesn’t have a glossy finish, you can wrap it with a plastic wrap.

Packing special items and items that are more sensitive

In this category are things like pianos, sculptures, high-end tables, and similar things. You shouldn’t wrap those things with a plastic wrap since plastic can melt under the heat and damage the glossy finish. For those kinds of items, it is almost mandatory to have crates. You can either order some crates online, or you can go to the handyman and have him make them for you. Just don’t forget to take their dimensions.

Good luck!


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