Tips for remodeling an old house – Seattle edition

You will not always find the best solution when you are looking for a perfect home. You are lucky maybe to find the perfect spot, neighborhood, loan, and the façade but it is a small possibility that indoor is perfect also. Giving a property your own touch is going to be a beautiful experience. This will have a special feeling if you are remodeling an old house. Giving a new glow to an old thing is a great thing to do. If you are planning to live in Seattle, remodeling an old house – Seattle edition could be your new project. You can find many tips to make it easier to get a satisfying outcome.

A place for a Space Needle

Seattle is a city in the Pacific Northwest. It is surrounded by great natural beauty like the water, mountains, and forests. If you are an outdoor person you will be glad to hear that Seattle has thousands of acres of parkland. It is Washington State’s biggest city, and according to that the center of the large tech industry. Moving can be a great step in your life. Before you start your journey be sure to get everything properly ready. Be sure to provide all the packing materials on time. You will need it, not just for your stuff but also for the other materials and tools. Having help will save your money and time so you can invest those resources into your project of remodeling an old house in Seattle.

Give it a new glow

Finding an old house in this modern city will not be easy. Remodeling an old house in Seattle edition will be an interesting task and the outcome must be extraordinary. Roll up your sleeves because even if the house is in a good condition, this will still be a serious job. Try to divide work into few categories and be perfectly organized. Each outburst will cost you money and extra work so you do not need to work one thing two times. Make a schedule with all the essential tasks:

You need to have a plan
  • Inspect the electric
  • Check for plumbing and renew any that seems damaged
  • Check out for wood rot in walls and floors
  • Double-check the windows
  • Paint job
  • Interior

Even in the old times, they have electricity

With electricity, you have to be extra careful. Keeping this in mind, and the thing that modern homes use much more electricity so it is suggested to change all wiring with modern cables and breaker boxes. It is the truth that modern devices use less electricity, but count down how many devices you have plugged in, and then subtract how much of those devices did not exist in an era when your home was built. That is why you need to be energy efficient. You can face some obstacles on this field like the breaker boxes and knob-and-tube wiring.

Power in the box

Old wiring is usually not a problem unless it you have a breaker box. These breaker boxes are standard issues since they usually do not shut off when overloaded and that could make a serious problem. Overheating of the breaker boxes could lead to a possible fire. Breaker boxes are still in many old homes around the city. They are most common in houses built from 1960 to 1985, it’s possible that even an older home may have had an electrical update featuring these ones.

Wood and wire

The second issue you might face during the remodeling of an old house in Seattle is knob-and-tube wiring. It got its name because it features knobs to hold the wires in place and tubes to guide them through floor joists. This electric installation can also cause a fire hazard. This is because the rubber insulation around the wires can become dry and brittle over time, which leads to cracks and expose the wiring within.

Prevent the flood in your Seattle remodel old house

It may not seem like you have some problems currently, but originally copper, galvanized steel, and cast iron plumbing have a lifespan of 80 to 100 years. That could mean only one thing. If it isn’t leaking yet, it will soon. Depending on the state of the house, the wise decision would be to switch to modern plumbing, and while doing it take advantage of the situation. If you are changing the plumbing when remodeling an old house in Seattle, you may choose where will the pipes go to make some rearranging. Another issue with older pipes is corrosion buildup on the inside can cause lower water pressure over time. Even lead to rusty, orange water if left too long.

Be safe and secure

Quality check

Usually, it is recommending, to folk to do an annual walk around the exterior of their house and check for trouble areas. These include window frames, siding, handrails, and other wood pieces. If it happens you have a bit more money to do the entire remodeling, spend some money here. Do it properly, check and everything that is not in a good shape you should replace.

You need a clear view

Original single-pane windows can be fixed. They can work almost as well as new ones, as long as they appear to be in decent shape. In the long run, it’s more economical to repair old windows and upgrade them with weather-stripping or storm windows. Window replacement is a huge waste of money because the original windows you have, which are made of old-growth wood will last centuries with just a little maintenance. With good upgrades done, by specialized companies, old windows can match or beat current energy codes.

Paint in all the colors from your dreams

Pay special attention to the hazardous lead paint in windows, doors, and trim. If it is peeling color or in bad shape when remodeling an old house in Seattle. This is a mandatory task if you have children under six, who are most susceptible to its effects. If there is peeling, all paint needs to be sanded down, and a new proper paint job must be done. This way you will have insight into wood quality. You can do the same thing with your walls. It is a perfect moment to show everyone your favorite colors.

Paint your dreams

Find your unique style

Since you are remodeling an old house in Seattle, PortaBox Storage will help you to save your items until you decide what to do with them. You may have a tendency to reach up to the modern tech interior. You can also keep an old, rustic style. In both cases, it is important to make it commutable for you and to show all of your creativity. 

Remodeling an old house in Seattle is a great way to express your creativity and innovation. Enjoy every step of the process and be sure to make it yours. Making a home must be the most exciting quest in life you can make.

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