Ideas for upgrading your Ottawa home on a budget

Do you want to renovate your home? But, there is a catch – your budget is tight. What to do in this case? Do not worry, upgrading your Ottawa home on a budget is possible. There are simple tips that will improve your home. If you lack ideas, we have some for you.

Upgrading your Ottawa home at an affordable price

Even if your budget for the home renovation is not that high, you need to set a limit. How much money can you spend? And what can you afford now, at this moment? Create a budget and stick to it. That is the first step in this process. You can create a nursery room if you are expecting a baby, make a bigger living room, renovate your kitchen, make another bathroom, etc.

Remodeling a home.
Make a new floor plan for your home in Ottawa and plus do not spend a lot of money on renovation

What to do with furniture while renovating a house?

While renovating, it is important to keep all your items untouched and undamaged. How to accomplish it? Where to put all your furniture to keep it away from dust, dirt, and paint? Also, it is easier to work while your home is empty.

Storage options

One of the solutions is to look for an appropriate unit near your home. Storage units are a smart option now and what is also important, renting is not expensive. Rent costs mostly depend on the size of a storage unit. So try to pack and organize the storage properly and you can put more items inside.

Safe packing

Also, you will need proper packing material that will keep your items safe during the renovation. Obtain proper material first and then start packing your home decoration, furniture, clothing, appliances, etc. This way, all your belongings will be safe in a storage unit and also, packed in the right way.

Calculating costs of upgrading your Ottawa home.
Renting a storage unit is not that expensive but it can help you a lot

Prepare on time

Everything is possible, you just need a good organization and some ideas. Luckily, nowadays, the internet is full of different ideas and trends. Follow trends in Ontario and make your home stylish and modern. Upgrading your Ottawa home can start now, but first, research!

Repaint the walls

Buy some paint and paint the walls. Keep in mind that you do not have to stop there when it comes to painting. You can paint floors too. To make your room look bigger, use light and neutral colors. For example, white, beige, light grey, etc. A fresh coat of paint will change everything and what is important, paint is not expensive and you can do it without professionals. Get supplies for wall painting and paint, that is all you need.

Change the lighting

For upgrading your Ottawa home, change lighting, especially if you use dull or too “yellow” lights. Of course, you should use natural lighting as much as you can, but also you need artificial lighting too. Change the bulbs and add more lamps to your rooms. Installing LED bulbs will save you money in the long run because those bulbs do not use too much energy.

Upgrade kitchen cabinets

Paint your kitchen cabinets using a bright neutral color. If you have a little bit more money, you can replace cabinet doors if your old cabinets are too damaged. Also, upgrade your countertops by repainting them. Your kitchen can look stunning without spending a fortune.

Get a new paint for walls, floors, and cabinets too

Improve your backyard

If you live in a house and you have a backyard, spend some time there. Add colorful flowers, make your patio look better by adding some garden furniture. Also, having a clean and updated driveway with no cracks will save your car. So, importing your backyard and front yard is not only nice, but it is useful. If you are selling your home, this will increase its value.

Replace front door

The first impression is important always. What is the first thing you see in your home, no matter do you live in the house or apartment? Your front door. This is a small project, but it can change your home. If you are selling it, people often make up their minds in the first seven seconds of seeing a house and a front door is always a thing they will see.

Transporting your items

The second question is – how to transport your items from your home to the storage unit. Or if you bought a new home – how to transport items from an old to a new home in Ottawa?

One of the best solutions to this problem is hiring a local moving company because they already know the area. Contact a few movers from Ottawa and compare their services and prices. You can move with Professional Movers Ottawa and still save money. Negotiate with movers, choose a better moving date, move fewer items, etc. There are so many different ways to but moving costs and to move within the budget.

Clean before upgrading your Ottawa home

This is a home improvement for every budget because you only need to buy cleaning supplies and that is cheap. Declutter your come and clean it completely. By decluttering you will open up the space and your home will look bigger and more modern. Do not forget to deeply clean your furniture and carpets. Also, hiring a company for these tasks for you is not that expensive. Cleaning will take your time and energy, but it is the most affordable home improvement.

Have fun redecorating

As you can see, upgrading your Ottawa home does not have to be too complicated or too expensive. You can change your home on a low budget, you just need to set your priorities and of course, have ideas. Having an idea is already half of the job. Searching for ideas online or in-home improvement magazines is free, so make sure to check everything. Look at photos and you will get inspiration for your home. Good luck with renovating your home in Ottawa, Canada.

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