Tips on how to decorate your house in Kuwait

So, you have decided to move to Kuwait. Well, you will be one of the 2.9 million expatriates who live here. The State of Kuwait is a country in Western Asia that offers a lot. It has one of the fastest growing economies in the world thanks to its oil reserves. It is attracting people looking for job opportunities from all over the world. So, relocating to Kuwait is a great idea on so many levels. After you actually move you will want to decorate your house and make it your personal paradise. We will give you some tips on how to decorate your house in Kuwait. We will focus on the modern new trends in 2018. Hopefully, these tips will prove to be useful.

decorate your house in Kuwait
Kuwait is a country with a lot to offer

How to decorate your house

Of course that you want your house to be well decorated. In a sense, it is a reflection of your personal taste and your character. You might want to stick to your unique taste, but why not follow the latest trends at the same time. We will present some tips on how to decorate your house in a modern way, following the new 2018 decorating trends. You will find out what is in and what is out in 2018. If you want to move your furniture to your new home let the best movers and packers Kuwait has to offer do it for you. Don’t worry about getting new furniture. In 2018 the accent is on the details.

Home decor that is so OUT in 2018

  • All white spaces and rooms are definitely out this year. This especially refers to the kitchens. This year colors are going to overwhelm our living spaces. Wood is going to be very popular.It will make your home look warm and cozy. On the other hand, the colors that will be very popular are gray, blue and cream.
Kitchens with wooden elements are IN
  • In the bathroom, the sink trends are changing. Sinks that are made of stainless steel and white sinks are so out. Experimenting with materials will be popular here. Imagine brass, wooden or even concrete sinks.
  • Accent walls that are too colorful or with too many details are so out. On the other hand, millwork and wainscoting are going to be a blast. Even statement ceilings are going to be very popular.
  • Word Art is really out. It has been overused in recent years. Now interior designers think that enough is enough. So you can forget about those motivational quotes on your walls and pillows.
  • Misusing architectural elements is out. Interior designers agree that home designs should be cohesive this year. So if you live in an elegant modern house in Kuwait, forget about those old barn style doors. Moreover, if you decide to decorate your house in a suburban-style you can forget about those formal columns.

Home decor that is IN in 2018

So we have mentioned some home decor that you should avoid if you want a trendy house in 2018. Now it is time to mention some of the hottest, most popular trends that you will definitely want to incorporate into your home. Jewel tones, brass, pottery and floral prints are just some of the latest trends.So, let’s get started.

Jewel tones will be trending

The most popular furniture color of the season is a Pantone called UltraViolet. Think of red ruby colors and bold turquoise and emerald green colors. Velvet is also trending. So you can at least get some decorative pillows in these colors. Sofas in these bold colors are going to be a hit this year. These statement sofas should be the central piece in every trendy living room. There will be lots of vibrant colors, different embroidery patterns, and decorations like pearls and sparkles.

violet and emerald pillows
Throw in some trendy violet and emerald pillows

Dark walls are all the rage in 2018

Walls take up most of our rooms and their color will always be the dominant one. White walls are out and dark wall colors are definitely in. A color called Black Flame is the most popular choice among interior designers when it comes to wall colors. This color is the combination of navy blue and black. But you don’t want to go too dark and gloomy, so you can paint only one wall in this color.

Wallpapers are moving to bathrooms

We said that wallpapers are out when it comes to living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Well, they are moving to the bathroom. You can experiment with different bold wallpapers in your bathroom. They should be paired with white paneling.This will produce an interesting contrast. Since you will decorate your house in Kuwait you could use wallpapers with some oriental Middle -Eastern style.Why not use the intricate and mysterious motives of the country you are going to be living in.

Kuwait style bathroom
Use bold wallpapers in your bathroom

Your bedding should be layered

Think of as many layers as possible when it comes to your bed. Add a soft topper over your mattress and sheets. Cover all of that with some comfy blankets and top everything with as many cushions as possible. This will make your bed look very luxurious.

Everyone is mad about marble in 2018

Marble is going to be a very popular material. Marble is a classic and elegant stone material and it will find its application in furniture. You can buy a custom-made coffee table top that they can make for you out of marble. You can also find some plates in marble pattern or ones that are actually marble pieces. Moreover, another hit is stone and apart from marble other popular stone materials will be onyx, agate, and alabaster. Another popular natural material is wood. You can get some wooden salad bowls and you should use wood in kitchen decoration. Even wooden elements on walls are very popular.  Wabi-sabi Japanese style pottery will be popular when it comes to plates and cups.

Floral patterns will be trending

And finally, the floral pattern is going to be trending this year. They should be in bohemian style. One piece of furniture in floral pattern contrasted with beige and neutral colors would be a perfect choice.

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