Choosing the best moving supplies for your NY move

Packing for relocation requires a lot of planning and preparation. There is more to it than just placing everything inside boxes and putting it inside the moving truck or storage. You must invest in good quality packing boxes and bins, as well as find the best moving supplies that will suit your needs the most. And this is where most people make a mistake and damage their belongings. You can not take some old, ripped boxes and seal them with tape. There is a risk of fire, humidity, and creatures trying to get in. So, be smart. Invest in packing materials in order to preserve your stuff. You can buy them in your local hardware store or stationery shop. So, without further ado, here are some of the best moving supplies that you will need for your NY move and that are also on the budget.

Box Types!

The best thing you can do is to use plastic moving bins and boxes for your relocation. This way, you will save some money and organize everything nicely in no time. Boxes come in many shapes and sizes. There is a one for every object you can think of. So, based on what you plan to pack, and how long you plan to store them, you can choose from the following:

  • Cardboard Boxes – Many people would agree that they are the best option for moving as well as storing. They can be found anywhere, they are not expensive, and you can easily pack, stack, move and label them. Also, after you are done moving, you can simply recycle them. But, be careful as they can easily be damaged. Heat and humidity can destroy them, and furry creatures and bugs will adore them.
  • Plastic Bins – Plastic bins are more used for storage than for moving. But they can be one of the best moving supplies you can use as they are firm, sturdy, not susceptible to weather conditions like heat and humidity, and nothing can get in or outside. However, they are really expensive. So, you should only invest in them if you plan on moving for a couple of times or using them for storage later.
  • Specialty BoxesThese boxes are used only for things that are complicated to pack, and things that are expensive and valuable. They are great for packing things like power tools, TVs, delicate pieces of furniture, expensive pictures, collectibles and similar. Specialty boxes are also great for moving all kinds of electronics.
  • A room full of boxes - the best moving supplies
    Whatever you need to pack, there is a box for it.

    Box Sizes!

  • You need to pick the right kind of moving and packing supplies. We mentioned what types of boxes you can find, and now let us tackle the issue of the sizes of the box you will need. Choosing the right side of the box is important if you want to avoid any damage, and relocate your belongings in a safe and secure manner. So, here is what is out there:

Small Boxes – 16 x 12.5 x 12.5, or 1.5 cubic feet is the size of the standard small box. It is best if you use them for small and heavy items. They are great for packing books, dishes, vases, and any fragile collectibles. But, bear in mind that they can hold up to 50 pounds, so do not extend that limit.

Medium Boxes – 18 x 18 x 16, or 3 cubic feet is the size of the standard medium box. In them, you can pack items like clothes, crockery, and toys. The weight capacity is 65 pounds.

Large Boxes – 18 x 18 x 24, or 4.5 cubic feet is the size. They are used for storing bigger items like blankets, lamps, small home or kitchen appliances and similar. Their weight capacity is the same as with medium size boxes, that is 65 pounds.

Extra Large Boxes – 24 x 18 x 24, or 6.1 cubic feet is the size of the standard extra large box. They can hold up to 70 pounds, but you have to careful. If you overfill them, they can become difficult to carry and relocate. It is best if you would but big items, that are not so heavy like pillows, big toys, comforters, winter coats and jackets and similar.


When choosing the best moving supplies you also have to pay attention to the kind of cushioning you are using. Cushioning packing materials provide safety and security and make sure that your things arrive in one piece. Throwing everything in a box and sealing it with tape is not an option. You should use foam wrap sheets when you pack your dishes for example. Then, consider using some bubble wrap on items that are delicate and fragile. Packing peanuts are another great option when packing big items that need extra security. And if this seems too much for you, you can at least use some newspaper. Wrap your items in a couple of layers of newspaper, but be careful of the ink as it can leave a stain.  Whatever you choose, remember that cushioning provides safety for your belongings and that is why many people consider it to be one of the essential and one of the best moving supplies.

Packing Tape

If you are like most of the people, you will try to find the cheapest packing tape that you can find. But, if you spend just a couple more dollars, you can buy a good quality tape that will secure and seal your boxes. Cheap tapes are too thin, they can rip easily, and their sticking power is not great. Moreover, if you want your packing to go faster, you can invest in a tape gun. They are great for dispensing tape quickly and evenly.

duct tape - best moving supplies
When you are shopping for best packing materials, buy packing tapes in a bulk. You will need them more than you know.

Labeling Materials

When packing, either for storage, moving, or just keeping your house organized, you must label each and every box. In that way, you will be more organized and you will know where everything is. The process of labeling makes packing and unpacking easier. Also, when putting boxes in a truck or storage, you will not make a mistake and put a heavy box on top of a box which holds something fragile. So, label. It is a quick and cheap process. You only need a marker for that. However, some people also enjoy using color stickers and post-it notes. But that is just for fun and organizational purpose, you will not need them on your list of the best moving supplies.

A box
Do not forget to write ‘FRAGILE’ on the box that holds delicate items.

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