North Miami Remodeling Trends

Are you looking to bring some freshness to your home? Let’s be honest, no matter how well-designed your apartment is, after a certain while it can start feeling stale. That’s why most of us think of doing at least some kind of renovation. Naturally, you may not want to, or be able to afford a full-fledged remodel of your home. But regardless of what you choose to focus on, we’re here with a couple of ideas for North Miami remodeling trends. So feel free to read on and implement some of them!

A more natural color palette

There are lots of reasons why you might be thinking about North Miami remodeling trends. You may have used the services of a moving company like to relocate to a new apartment, but you want to make some aesthetic adjustments. Or, you just want to spruce up a house you’ve already lived in for a while. Regardless of which, we’re here to give you a few pointers on what you can expect to see from recent remodeling trends. So, first and foremost – let’s talk about the colors. In recent years, minimalist grey and white were the norms. However, these days you’ll find that more natural colors have started dominating as a trend.

A white wooden kitchen.
While minimalism is still a thing, it’s more integrated with natural elements.

So, in 2019, you may see a lot of warmer tones, in tune with nature. Also, when it comes to people who like neutral colors – earthy palettes are becoming all the rage. And designers are replacing cold, stark whites with softer shades. The same thing is happening with grays, as warmer tones have started popping up more and more. So, if you want your home’s interior design to follow the latest trends, make sure you pay attention to these things. Industrial minimalist colors in interior design are something you won’t see as often.

Metal is still a thing

So, you’re about to put some of your old furniture into storage, redo your home according to the latest North Miami remodeling trends, and get a new one. But before you hire affordable storage space in North Miami; you should know that none of the trends we present here is a must, and completely imperative. You should feel free to mix things up if you’re so inclined and put your own touch on a general trend. For example – although we’ve mentioned that industrial tones aren’t all the rage now if you like them; feel free to utilize some.

And don’t think that you can only use one metallic finish in your whole house, or even just one room. While that isn’t currently a short-term trend; overall, experimenting and being interesting is now really the biggest overarching trend. Still, if you want to utilize metal, we suggest sticking to one metallic hue. These days, brass, matte black and copper are really popular as subtle changes to another contrasting tone. So, think about using them for smaller details like cabinet pulls and faucets. It could really make your home stand out from the usual designer themes.

Bringing the outdoors inside

If you ask us, one of the worst things about any home is if its designs make it feel like a sterile space. Modern designs suffer from this a lot, where you can see that cold, industrial materials can really suck the life out of any room. That’s why people use natural materials to soften an industrial look. And these are really one of the latest North Miami remodeling trends.

A log home interior.
A more rustic interior is becoming the pinnacle of design.

Once you take a look at the latest changes homeowners are making in this regard, you’ll see that we’re correct. Increasingly, you’ll find that people are taking elements from nature and implementing them into their homes. Especially if you have an apartment that you feel is bland, and you want to use some original small apartment design; this is the perfect recipe. So, what does this mean, specifically? It means using elements of wood and stone, or perhaps concrete. You’ll find amazing things in this vein, such as concrete showers, and rough stone tiles. Though, we should note that there’s an exception to this; one natural element that’s actually declining in popularity: granite. These days, you’ll find that quartz is actually far more popular.

Interesting appliances

Obviously, we probably don’t have to tell you how quickly technology is advancing these days. And we aren’t just talking about complicated science either; in fact, regular, everyday appliances have been getting more and interesting as time went on. Sure, stainless steel appliances have been an industry style that seemed like it was never going to get out of fashion. But now it seems their reign is at an end. These days, people love putting a personal touch to their kitchen, which means that they use varying appliances; it’s one of the newest real estate trends. You’ll find that using appliances with bright colors is becoming more and more usual. Also, integrated appliances are becoming a fast-growing fad; these completely blend into your cabinets.

A kitchen with quartz countertops.
You’ll find that natural elements like quartz are becoming more mainstream.


As you can see, you’ve got plenty of options to make your home stand out, in accordance with the newest North Miami remodeling trends. Just make sure you don’t follow these remodeling fads blindly, and only do the things you’re sure that you’ll end up liking. After all, the best home designs are always those that blend perfectly with your own tastes. So, whatever you choose – follow your own gut feeling above everything else!



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