Decorating student room

Student life is the most exciting period. You are young, carefree, and studying the subject, you are passionate about. You want to learn new things, explore the world and enjoy life in general. Especially, these days where it is necessary to share your interesting life on social media. However, there might be something that does not fit in the picture. Most of the student rooms can be plain or even dull. Certainly not Instagram worthy. Since the majority of students do not have a large budget, decorating student room can be a problem. However, it does not have to be a problem, but an exciting challenge. You can decorate your room on a relatively small budget. Follow our list and get ready to turn your plain room into a fairy tale.

A couple of things first

Since you probably live in either a dorm or a rented place, you must be careful. Some things are not allowed and they can cause unpleasant situations. You need to pay attention to the following,

  • No painting walls without the permission
  • Everything that you hang up, you need to take it down
  • No hanging up the picture that can cause damage to the walls by drilling
  • No nails
  • Every damage done to the property will cost you

Another advice is to have a strict budget for the decorations. You do not have to buy everything at once. Nor do you need every single cute decoration. Be wise and practical, and only focus on certain details. Find a theme that fits your taste, and have fun while staying inside the budget. Without further ado, here is the list.

Fairy lights

When you are looking at the cute rooms, you must have noticed fairy lights. There are the essential elements when decorating student room. You can put them everywhere. You can put them on the wall above your bed. Another place is a bookshelf where they would fit perfectly with all those colorful novel. You can even use them to hang up pictures without damaging walls. Polaroids are quite popular these days. There are cheap and easy to make. So, pick your favorite photos and hang them up with pegs. Your room will instantly look much better.  You can enjoy having your loved ones close to you.

Fairy lights as decoration
Fairy lights decorating student room


This might seem like a waste of money, but it is far from it. On contrary, it is the perfect investment. The carpet will bring the color and a character to the plain room. You can play with colors and choose the one that catches your fancy. An interesting carpet is a must when decorating student room. You can find tips on how to buy a carpet here.

Pillows and blankets

The best way to decorate your bed is with pillows and blankets. You can choose, size, and color that you want. For pillows, pick ones with interesting details or intricate design. Fluffy pillows are also in fashion. They are so soft and comfortable that it will be hard to leave the bed. You can even pick pillows with quotes fro your favorite books and movies. As for blankets, the same applies. Be playful and daring, but try to stick to the theme. Also, do not overdo it with pillows, since it would not look pleasing to the eye.

Colorful pillows
Colorful pillows

Be creative with your working area

Since most of the time you will spend at the desk, how about decorating it to? Try finding some cute decorations or figurines, which you can put on your desk. Fairy light can come in handy here as well. Put them above your desk for a better atmosphere. You can also buy several colorful books and notebooks and put them close the wall. Inspiring quotes and images will lift your spirit during the exam period.

Washi tape

If you did not know about washi tape, now you will definitely will. Washi tape is a Japanese tape used for everything. You can use washi tape for basically everything since they come in so many colors and patterns. It is removable and reusable, so you do not need to worry about causing the damage. They can decorate your bookshelf, frames, desk and any other piece of furniture. You can even hang the fairy lights with them or picture if you want to avoid the nails.


You might not be a big fan of plants, but there is a reason why so many people like them. They certainly make room fill more like a home and less like a student room. Not only they are good for decorations, but also they are good for your health. Some plants purify the air, reduce the stress, help you with studying and even reduce the level of radiation from all the electronics in the one room. If you do not know what plant to buy, ask the floweriest. They will help you to buy the one best for you. You can decorate your room with plants in so many ways.

Cactus decorating student room
Cactus to decorate your room

Colorful boxes

Now something that is both decorating and practical. There are so many beautiful boxes that you can find in any store. You can put them under the bed to fill the space, or you can make the interesting bookshelf from it. Whatever you do, it will look pretty and you will get additional space. Especially if you have a small room and you do not have enough space for restoring all your things. You can choose any color or pattern that you like, and make your room practical and interesting at the same time.

For the end of decorating student room

You can do many more things with your room. Be creative when decorating student room. You can play with colors and patterns, find your own style that fits your character the best. Have a budget for decorations set since it is quite challenging to be a student. The purchase of decorations might strain your budget, so do not overdo it. If you buy too many decorations, it will not look artsy. Just contrary, it will make your room look messy. That is why you should pick a particular theme or a color scheme and be fateful to it. You can easily turn your student room into the oasis.

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