External maintenance tips for your Florida beach house

Florida beach house seems like a picture of perfection. What is more ideal than sunset views, sandy beaches and mornings where you can hunt for seashells? You’re having the perfect place for any guest’s summer getaway. But, the beach house demands more care than your standard home. Because the same sand, sea, and sun that fascinates, speed up property wear and tear. And, without proper cleaning when you move in and external maintenance tips for your Florida beach house, you might end up stuck with a property that’s burning a hole in your pocket. But, do not worry. If you’re aware of the problems, you can stay on top of them. Continue reading and see what is that you have to do after you relocate to this beautiful place!

External maintenance tips for your Florida beach house – Avoid metal

Well, depending on how much is your relocation going to cost you, you will know how much you have left in your amount for repairing. You see, before you move into your beach house, you should know that the salt accumulation is corrosive to metal elements. So it’s recommendable to save some money to use it for getting fiberglass built doors and windows. Also, try to avoid metal parts as much as you can. You can use vinyl and aluminum for window frames, but these materials aren’t as anti-corrosive as fiberglass. Stainless steel fasteners or hot-dipped metal galvanized are your best choice if you have to use metal.

Beach house
Take care of your beach house before its too late.

Examine your roof regularly

We all know that the weather in coastal regions can be nasty, especially if moving around the corner in Coral Gables, or nearby. So, make sure that your roof is in good shape. Check your shingles for damage, especially if you’ve had a storm recently. If there are any broken slates or shingles replace it as quickly as possible to avoid water damage. Discovering these issues early will save you significant money down the road.

Make sure you clean your windows often

Of course, it’s important to clean your windows no matter where you live. But, when you have a house on the Florida beach, it is especially vital. On your windows, the salt from the sea air will create a foggy or even crusty look. Frequent cleaning will unstick salt particles, give you clear windows, and preventing metal frames or runners from corroding. 

Make sure you keep an eye on your siding

This is one of the important external maintenance tips for your Florida beach house. Beach homes tend to take more of a beating from the elements than other region houses. Therefore, make sure you inspect your siding frequently. You can spray the beach home exterior every so often to remove any salt that has built up. But, remember to dry completely to prevent mold and water damage. The wind also blows a lot of sand around, so look for signs of damage from this as well.

House front
Use some of these external maintenance tips for your Florida beach house and make it beautiful.

Varnish the timber

You can easier learn where to find affordable movers in Florida then getting someone to varnish the timber. Because hiring movers is a lot simpler, but when you don’t know the area then looking someone to varnish the timber can be a nightmare. So, here’s a little tip! In case you have some timber on the outside of your home or elsewhere on your property, make sure to re-stain it seasonally, to prevent water damage. A solid stain will protect every wooden element you have, but it will only last so long.

Weatherproofing the exterior is one of the external maintenance tips for your Florida beach house

So, when you hire affordable professionals like Miami Movers for Less, you will have enough money for what needs to be done after the big move. Well, depending on the subject of materials and renovations, you have options for protecting your home from environmental stressors. The location can make your home vulnerable to sun, sea, sand, weathering, erosion and other environmental factors. But, a little weatherproofing can keep the cost of maintenance low.

Consider treating your beach home exterior with weatherproof paints and finishes. This way you’ll prevent problems like cracking and peeling caused by moisture and sun exposure. This is an essential precaution you have to take to prevent dealing with water damage.  You might be intimidating by this, but a local professional could help you figure out some key tasks for yearly maintenance if you need advice. And when it comes time to do periodic repairs, research and see what works best for a beachfront home.

Sun damage

When you relocate it’s important to know how to clean after moving in. That is something essential, especially when you are going to a new place. First, you should do the cleaning inside, and outside. You see, when it comes to beach homes, they usually deal with the effects of sun damage. That’s why you should regularly check and ensure outdoor furniture. If the bad weather is coming up, then you should store it away. Protect it from direct sunlight and rain. Because fabrics tend to fade in direct sunlight and the heat also damages furniture and exteriors.

Blue sky, buildings - If you want to take care of your new residence, then you could use some of these external maintenance tips for your Florida beach house.
Take care of your Florida beach house!

Keep the deck sealed

Sealing your deck is another external maintenance tips for your Florida beach house. Keep in mint that salt air and the prolonged exposure to the hot, summer sun is brutal on any deck. Therefore, it’s recommendable to go ahead and plan to reseal deck each year.

In conclusion

A beach home can be a beautiful and relaxing environment, but only if you take some steps to keep it safe from the elements. So, keep these external maintenance tips for your Florida beach house in mind, and remember to repair any problems you see before it becomes too expensive to do so. Also, none of that is going to be possible if you don’t have enough money. So, before you start your relocation process you have to calculate your budget. Make sure you have enough money for the household move and for improving your new beach house.

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