What to leave behind when moving to Saudi Arabia

So, you want to move to Saudi Arabia? Nice choice! This is beautiful and rich land, which is very welcoming to US citizens. But moving to Saudi Arabia can seem difficult and challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. There are many things you should know about Saudi Arabia. Also, there are many things you should know about the process of moving to Saudi Arabia. For example, you should know that you shouldn’t move everything you own with you to Saudi Arabia. So, here we are going to give you some advice on moving to Saudi Arabia, and what you can leave behind. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Something about Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a rich country which is located on the Arabian peninsula. It is ruled by the Saudi royal family, and it borders many countries like Oman, Yemen, Qatar, UAE, and others. It is a great friend of the US, and people from Saudi Arabia welcome their American friends. When people think about Saudi Arabia, they usually think about the seas of sand and Islam. And yes, there is a lot of sand and Islam is a big part of life in Saudi Arabia. This is one of the richest countries in the world, thanks to its rich oil reserves. But the Saudi government knows that oil will not last forever, so they try to orient their business somewhere else.

Life in Saudi Arabia for the average citizens is a life of bountifulness. GDP per capita is massive, and people enjoy the richness of their country. All of this makes moving to Saudi Arabia a good choice. But remember that you are not moving around a corner.

Mecca - many people are moving to Saudi Arabia for this
Yes, Islam is a big part of Saudi Arabia

Word of advice

Try to find a reliable and professional moving company that serves in both Saudi Arabia and in the US. There are not a lot of companies that do both, so try to not get scammed while searching for a reliable moving company. One of those professional companies that can move you, your family, and your belongings to Saudi Arabia is fourwinds-ksa.com. It is a professional moving company with a team of experts. They are quite reliable and not expensive at all. Intercontinental moving is not easy, this is why you need to find a moving company that can make your moving to Saudi Arabia easy and painless.

With the reliable and professional moving company that works in both Saudi Arabia and in the US, know that your goods can be delivered at the agreed time and at the agreed location.

Moving to Saudi Arabia, what can you leave behind?

Of course, Moving to Saudi Arabia is a giant step in one’s life. You need to plan your long-distance relocation. That means that you will have to move many of your belongings to another country, and live behind your life in the US for some time. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll need to carry everything you own to Saudi Arabia. You can leave behind many of the things you own, especially those things that are hard and expensive to transport. So, what are those things that you can easily leave behind while starting a new life in Saudi Arabia? Let’s find out!


This should be an obvious one. You shouldn’t move your whole kitchen to Saudi Arabia. It is not efficient and it is usually more expensive than buying a new kitchen when you finally arrive in Saudi Arabia. Your oven, your microwave, your fridge, and your other similar stuff should be left at home. And yes, we know that you love your kitchen improvements. But they are heavy, and they are quite fragile for your long-distance transportation, and they are quite expensive to transport long distances. This is why you should live your kitchen at your home. Also, don’t try to bring your utensils with you. Utensils are usually quite cheap, and that means that they may be more expensive to transport than to buy a new set of utensils in Saudi Arabia.

All in all, avoid bringing heavy, fragile, and cheap things from your kitchen to Saudi Arabia. Also, avoid bringing alcohol with you, since it is forbidden in Saudi Arabia.

Stuff from your bedroom

Unless you have some strange quirk, you should avoid bringing your bed and other heavy stuff with you to Saudi Arabia. Beds are large and heavy objects that will just add to the mass of the things you are trying to transport to Saudi Arabia. For the cost of transport of your home bed, you can buy a new bed in Saudi Arabia. This is why you shouldn’t bring your bed and other heavy and fragile stuff with you to Saudi Arabia, like wall mirrors.

Bedroom with bed.
You don’t have to bring your bedroom with you to Saudi Arabia

Your TV and similar appliances

Don’t bring your TV and other electronics with you when moving to Saudi Arabia. Today TVs are not so expensive, and you should avoid moving them this far. Sure, you can bring your computer with you, but only the casing. Don’t bring a monitor, a mouse and other extensions with you. If you have a laptop than the problem is solved. But if you have a PC, just bring the case, but only if you have something important on your computer that can’t wait for you to get back to your home country. And make sure to check what you can bring with your moving company. Perhaps many things are not allowed over the border.

Heavy and bulky stuff

Couch with pillows.
Don’t bring heavy and bulky when moving to Saudi Arabia

You don’t need your home couch and pool table in Saudi Arabia. They are massive objects that are expensive to transport. Well maybe you need your pool table, so you can make an exception. But don’t bring couches, beds, ordinary tables, and similar stuff with you to Saudi Arabia. You will easily find a table, and a couch and a closet in Saudi Arabia. In conclusion, you shouldn’t bring heavy and fragile ordinary items with you.


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