Moving to Taos, NM: the ultimate guide

Are you considering moving to a new city? If Taos is the city where you want to live, learn more about this place and also, learn more about the relocation there. Moving to Taos, New Mexico needs to be organized and you will have an easy relocation. What should you know about this process? If you are moving for the first time, it may sound scary and intimidating, but with a simple moving guide, you will be well prepared.

Learn more about Taos before moving there

To adjust faster after moving and to know what to expect, you should explore Taos. It is a small town in New Mexico with a population of almost 6,000 and most of them are young professionals and retirees.

El Morro.
New Mexico is a beautiful state and it offers a lot of interesting things

What are interesting facts to know about Taos?

  • The average rent per month is $710 and the average home price is $261,000. This is one of the most important factors when relocating to Taos. If you are going to rent a home in Taos, know how to maintain your rental property right and what changes you can make.
  • 60% of people here own home.
  • The atmosphere is laid-back, perfect for those who want a quiet life, this is it.

Pros and cons of moving to Taos, NM

Every place on Earth has good and bad sides. Taos has them too. Having a moving guide does not mean only focusing on packing and moving. You should explore your future home and know what to expect. Besides moving tips have some tips for living in Taos as well.

The pros

  • Locals are friendly and neighbors are like a big family. Also, Taos is a very diverse place.
  • If you love festivals and great food, Taos is a place for you. Despite being a small city, it has plenty of events.
  • The art scene is thriving and this city is a popular art spot.

The cons

  • Because this city is smaller, there are not so many companies which is bad for the economy.
  • The unemployment rate here is a little bit higher than in the big cities in New Mexico.
  • Taos is a small city and the average price of a house of about $260k is high.

If you made a decision to move, get more information about moving on and similar company’s websites. Also, you can book a move in advance, which is highly recommended.

A man pointing at the map.
Before moving to this city of NM, learn more

Find a home before moving to Taos

The next step is to start searching for a new home in Taos. No matter if you are moving long-distance or locally, you must find a place to stay. Do this before moving and be prepared. At least, you can explore the real estate market there and to know which house you can afford.

Hire a local realtor because they know this area the best. Set your budget and priorities and find your dream house. After that, look if the home remodeling process is needed and how can you upgrade your home. Furnish, decorate, and personalize it.

If you will renovate a home, keep in mind that it will be easier to renovate it when it is empty. So, the next question is, where to put all your household items during the renovation process? One of the answers is renting a temporary storage unit. It is a safe place for all your belongings.

How to move to Taos?

How to prepare for this relocation process. Having a guide (or a simple checklist) may help you move easily and smoothly. Stress is common when moving, and you will save your nerves by having a list to follow.

  • Create your own checklist or if you are moving on short notice, download it online. There are many moving apps that can help you organize every type of relocation. Plan each step in advance – it is a key.
  • Start packing on time and don’t waste time because it may take you a lot of time. Declutter first and decide what to toss and what to move. Then collect enough packing materials and start by packing your garage or a basement. Leave the essential moving box for the end. Another solution for packing is to hire professional packers.
  • Choose how you will transport the household items. If you will hire a moving company, then find people who can help you move fast and safely. Local movers know Taos and they have a lot of experience. Research online, ask for recommendations, read online moving reviews, verify the company, and make sure they are reliable and reputable before signing a contract with them.
  • Change your address and other documents. Medical records, school records for kids, cancel utilities, the internet, and TV, notify your bank about the relocation, and prepare all the required paperwork.
  • Invite your new neighbors over coffee and introduce yourself because people in Taos are welcoming and friendly. This way, you will adjust faster.

Things to do after moving to Taos

Add to your moving checklist all the places in Taos (or near Taos) to visit after moving. It is an important part of the moving process because it is one of the best ways to relax and meet your new environment.

Boxes for moving to Taos.
Packing is not the only part of the moving process

Some of the places to visit in Taos are:

  • Taos Pueblo which is in UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Historic Landmark
  • Harwood Museum of Art
  • San Francisco de Asís Church
  • Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
  • Taos Ski Valley
  • Try a hot air balloon ride
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Historic Taos Plaza
  • Whitewater rafting

You’re all set!

Besides these things to try and places to visit after moving to Taos, find your new favorite spot in this city. For example, it has plenty of local restaurants, find one you like the most. Nature is amazing, spend your day walking and relaxing. Especially if you’re moving interstate, you will need some time for yourself and to settle in with ease.

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