How to decorate your kitchen-simple tips and tricks

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the room, especially if you have family and kids and you are cooking every day. It is the center of the house. You are the best chef in the whole family, and that deserves the best kitchen too. Food is connecting people. The most beautiful smells in the house come from the kitchen. Family dinner is a special time for many people. So, how to decorate your kitchen and to make it beautiful and stunning? We have simple tips and ideas for renovating and decorating your special area in your home. It does not have to be difficult and expensive. Sometimes the small detail can change the whole room.

Cooking together in a decorated and pretty kitchen.
The kitchen is not just an ordinary place. If you love to cook or you have a family, it is a center of the house.

Tips on how to decorate your kitchen area

As we mentioned before, it is important to have nice and of course the functional kitchen. How to accomplish that? Here are some simple ideas about how to make your kitchen looks like a million dollar. 

Classic – black and white

If you want classic and you do not want too many colors in your kitchen, then pick a classic and a safe look. It does not have to be boring if you add some colors. Colorful glasses, a vase or a lamp. Add interesting items in your kitchen. Wallpapers are a cheap and simple idea of how you can decorate your kitchen wall. There are so many useful ideas for your walls. Or, if you do not want white cabinets anymore, paint them. You will change the entire look. It’s like you bought a new one.

Add a few plants

Plants are not just for the garden and living room. If you do not like a plant in a pot, then the solution is a bouquet. Flowers make everything looks prettier. Do a research what plants are for the indoor and decorate your room with plants. And, if you cannot water them every single day, there are so many different plants that do not require special treatment, such as cactuses, for example. Put them on your countertops, shelves, behind your kitchen sink (that’s how you will not forget to water it) or in front of a window. 

Plants in the kitchen.
Decorate your kitchen and add some plants inside.

Do not leave your countertops empty

Do you have just coffee maker and a toaster on your countertops? Add a little life inside. As we mentioned before, plants are a good choice for decoration. But, also, you can add candles, colorful vase or a bowl, fruits, magazines, and books or anything you like. Be creative and open to new things and everyone will be jealous at your kitchen, for sure. You can buy a pretty soap bottle and put it behind your sink. On the other hand, if you do not love decorations on your kitchen countertops, just put matching canisters or stylish kitchen appliances.

Use your dishes as decoration

How to decorate your kitchen with dishes? Yes, with dishes! You can hang out your pots and glasses. You can easily find in the store or online multitasking pot rack and your cookware will steal the show. Also, you will free up space in your cabinets. So, it is functional and it looks pretty at the same time. And what about your cutting boards? If you are cooking a lot then you probably use cutting boards. Luckily, nowadays, there so many different and interesting cutting boards. Also, you can use your cutting board as a trey for food.

Get some rugs

And what about a kitchen floor? Matching rugs can look so beautiful on your tiles or a wooden floor too. You can choose between a modern one or Persian rugs, whatever you prefer. Put a rug between your isle and cabinets (runner rugs), or if you have a dining table in your kitchen, then put it under the table. A neutral-toned rug or a colorful one, it is your choice. If you are worried about stains from food and drinks, do not be. There are materials that you can clean easily.

Bar in the kitchen

Make a “party-kitchen” with a bar. Steal some ideas from the internet to create your dream kitchen. Find comfy and chic stools and move your party from a living room to the kitchen. Do not stop just on a bar seating. You can play with the lights too. How to decorate your kitchen with lights? You can put a lot of LEDs, or light in different colors…play with it. Of course, do not do it by yourself. Call an electrician.

What to do with a small kitchen?

  • Decorate a small kitchen? Challenge excepted. Not only your kitchen must be nice, it also has to be functional. Here is what you can do:
  • Thinking about how to decorate your kitchen.
    If you have a small kitchen. it must be functional and beautiful at the same time.

    Create shelves – shelves could be a decorative piece too. Also, you will save space and your kitchen will be open.

  • Mirrors on the wall – This will make your kitchen looks bigger than it is. How to decorate your kitchen with mirrors? You can make a mosaic from them, for example. 
  • Metallic backsplash – If you love to follow trends, then this is the solution. If you do not want mirrors, then put a metallic backsplash.
  • Wall storage – Hang out your cups and pots on the kitchen wall.
  • Isle on a wheel – Who said that your kitchen isle must be just at one place. When you have a small space to decorate such as a living room or kitchen, then you must use every source. So, get your rolling island and make a fun and functional decoration. It can be a countertop and a storage at the same time.

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